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Lemon Juice in Lieu Of...

Posted by Marcel (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Hi, I have a question for Ted (of Bangkok, Thailand) * Ted, if I am using quite some lemon juice, which of your advised chemicals (sodium bicarbonate, citrate, etc...) I can put away/skip? thanks, marcel

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Marcel: One whole freshly squeezed lemon, add water to 1/2 glass. Keep adding baking soda bit by bit, preferably at 1/4 teaspoon each time until it no longer have bubbles. Your lemon juice should taste like water.

This will have many healing properties quite similar to miracle healing water or sacred healing water found throughout the world. The secret is that these healing water have negative Oxidation Reduction Potential that are often higher than negative -100 millivolts.

The lemon juice mix, will have approximately -140 millivolts and a pH quite close to the pH of the blood at approximately 7.4 while the blood is closer to 7.35.

I would like to take this everyday, but sometimes even lemon can quite expensive here in Thailand, especially when they are a bit off season or the flooding that we are presently experiencing here. It will correct both your urinary pH and urinary ORP to near normal figures.