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Would ACV and Baking Soda Help Hyperacidity?

Posted by Rayman (Cebu, Philippines) on 07/24/2008

First I would like to thank you for coming up this site. It's been wonderful to have found this and the site name really fits.

I would like to ask if ACV w/ baking soda works for my hyperacidity problem? I was diagnosed for hyperacidity last january. I was prescribed with antibiotic and PPI's which works a month ago after taking it but then after a few weeks it comes back again and I think because of my eating habit. I know taking those over the counter medicine has some bad effects in the long run. So I'm just wondering if ACV w/ BS works for my problem? How would I take it? I also read from other sites that Olive Oil is best for hyperacidity, is this true? is it okey to combine it? taking 1 tbsp Olive oil 30 minutes before meal and take ACV w/ Baking soda before bed time? I hope this will help me because I really want to be cured the natures way. Thank You and God Bless.

Replied by Alain
Ottawa, Canada

Hi Rayman

The following may help you as well as others as acidosis come with modern way of life, especially modern way of eating.

The most dramatic thing that happened to me was the understanding of the pH balance and its effect on gout. You don't have gout, but you already know that you have to improve your body's pH.

The theory:
The concept is similar to that of the body requiring constant internal temperature; the blood must be at an almost constant pH level in order for chemical, bio-chemical, and hormonal reactions to proceed appropriately. The body will do everything to achieve this at the cost of making acidic the lymphatic system and other organs, if the nutrition does not provide for the necessary good nutrition. Like, for example, drinking a lot of soft drinks is terribly acidic. So, proper body's pH balance is a prerequisite for good health.

I would strongly suggest you to buy pH paper strips and measure the pH of at least your urine. It's not expensive and is a good investment. It will help you determine if after taking action, you are going into the right direction. pH of 7 is neutral. pH lower than 7 indicates acidity. Urine pH should be between 6.5 and 7.0. You will probably see that yours might be below 6.5. If so, I think it will indicate that you are in the acidosis pathway.

There are solutions you can take, I will provide more info later. But the drinks are for short term only. You know that you will have to modify your nutrition. There is just no escaping that.
First some info about the pH balance.:
These are just a few of what can be found in the web.
Reduce sugar, industrial food, especially soft drinks. To reduce one unit of acid, it may require five to twenty unit of alkali.

In the short term, if you want a quick fix go to:
for some info about alkalizing formulas.
If one is overweight and/or has water retention problem, use a formula using potassium bicarbonate so to better achieve a proper sodium/potassium balance.

The most basic formulas is a mix of an acid with a base in a glass of water.

The acid may come from Apple Acid Vinegar, Lemon juice, Lime juice.

The base comes from the sodium bicarbonate (aka baking soda) and optionally, with the addition of potassium bicarbonate. I favour a formula containing both as opposed to just sodium bicarbonate.

The easiest is just the formula with ACV and sodium bicarbonate. But try one. If one gets relieve, then acidity is certainly the problem.

Now I would suggest for the long term a formula that is better because it provides for a whole spectrum of minerals, most notably calcium and magnesium. If you suffered from hyper-acidity for some times, it means that the body is taking the missing alkaline elements from reserves to counteract the acidity. On the long run, organs and bones will suffer. The new formula, which is somehow similar to EC youth formula, may provide the minerals to replenish the cumulated deficit of alkaline minerals.

You can find that formula and other protocols for alkalizing the body at the following:
They are the "moreless" protocols found in the "Ask Moreless: pH Balance, Alkaline/Acid Balance forum:
Whole list of protocols:

Foot baths:

Detox baths:

Good luck

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
391 posts

I once had hyperacidity from something that was totally unexpected a decade earlier: aspartame. It was causing the neurological damage which lead to hyperacidity. It took more than about three weeks to reverse this condition to some extent, through the use of vitamin B complex, especially B1, B3, and B6, often in the form of B50 B complex taken for about more than 2 weeks. That was also followed by taking fairly large doses of baking soda such as 1/2 teaspoon four to eight times a day, plus some potassium bicarbonate. A more effective form I found later was the use of sodium citrate (trisodium citrate) and potassium citrate (tripotassium citrate) which had a better effect in alkalizing both the urinary and salivary pH. It takes about at least three weeks, but often longer to reversed this condition. However, one of the main causes of hyperaciditiy is the exposure to gasoline fumes, pollution, fungus, paint thinner, excitotoxins (in aspartame and other amino acids), also. Reducing processed food especially coke, where benzene is found in high amounts from the added sodium benzoate, but are also found in many frozen and processed foods are also a big problem. During hyperacidity, sugar is something I would avoid as well as many acid forming foods such as meats and switch the diet to 90% vegetarian diet. Olive oil may not help directly, but it is safer than vegetable oils since they are not subjected to oxidation during cooking and doesn't become toxic to the body because they have a higher boiling points than most other vegetable oils. In general, I would rather avoid consuming vegetable oils in general and take almost daily or twice daily fish oils. Fish oils, omega 3 type 2 reduce brain inflammation, which in turn reduces acidity of the body, but supplements which supports neural system may play a role in resolving hyperacidity such as vitamin B complex, and possibly selenium too. Still the basic remedy I have used is the baking soda, apple cider vinegar and baking soda, trisodium citrate, tripotassium citrate for example are the major remedies I would consider first, while avoiding acid forming foods and common toxins such as artificial sweeteners.