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Posted by Nanette (Huntington Beach, CA) on 12/22/2006

I sent a question yesterday regarding my low anti-diuretic hormone and extreme thirst and extreme urine output. I have been tested for diabetes and am not a diabetic. After some consideration and research on this site I thought perhaps more background information might yield a better solution. In 1998 I had my first allergic reaction to antibiotics. At that time the reaction was so severe I had to be hospitalized. A second reaction in May 2005 was much worse but no doctor wanted to take responsibility to treat me. A dermatologist finally diagnosed Steven's Johnson Syndrome. The external rash and itching were intolerable. I looked like I had been burned in a fire. And my insides felt like they were on fire for three weeks. The thirst I felt was unbearable. I drank at least 2 gallons of water per day and still felt thirsty and hot inside. Recently while taking L-Acytel Cysteine for sinus infection I saw a doctor for a hormone issue and he tested me for low anti-diuretic hormone. The test result did show I have low anti-diuretic hormone, low DHEA, low testosterone, low thyroid (but not low enough to treat, I always have cold hands and feet and low basal body temperature 97.0). It was recommended I see an Endocrinologist for the low anti-diuretic hormone issue but my insurance company does not think it necessary. The extreme thirst and extreme urine output interferes with daily activity and sleep. Now I am experiencing cystic type acne as well as weight gain around my mid-section. I am 46 year old woman, 4'11" tall and weigh 106lbs. Since starting the ACV and baking soda remedy I have a very sore tongue, although my sore throat is gone. I am hoping Ted will respond to my email. I am desperate for a solution.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Nanette: Getting over the Antibiotic Aftershocks remedies is one of the remedies that I am working with right now, but at least I will tell you my experience as to how I got over it. At least I had one nightmare experience that I remember that required me to go to the hospital too, but writing the detailed response on this treatment from day one after the antibiotic breakout, is time I cannot afford. But I can tell you a briefly.

Basically, the best way to TREAT the burning skin from antibiotics aftershocks is that the BODY IS trying to GET RID OF THE TOXINS accumulated from the antibiotics. Water won't help much, but it does some. The best way to do this is to get the body wet in a bathroom, I mean completely wet.

Secondly, get a dry bentonite powder, or bentonite clay and mix with water. Make a rather concentrated one, like 10 or 20%. Apply the mud on the body throughout. Wait at least 30 minutes to allow the mud to dry. The bentonite will suck up the oil soluble antibiotics FROM THE BODY. Rinse completely. Repeat this for at least four more times. If it comes back again do it. The fire itches should be reduced by at least 80% now.

Thirdly, apply simple vinegar throughout the body, so this means getting several bottle of vinegar.

Since there is so much of the toxins of antibiotics in the body, repeating steps two and three is important, so you may do this in later parts of the steps or after several more days. However on fourth day, I often don't see any MORE lingering side effects. Often this antibiotics lingering side effects last years and often leads to yeast infection and that could be best handled in step four!

Step four, I will take borax baths, and even mouthwash my mouth with borax solution. One teaspoon in one half glass of water. One glass of drinking water, I will add one large pinch of borax to each glass, add some lemon juice, or perhaps some other drinks, such as ginger tea, for example. The borax will neutralize and kill off fungus, the best I have seen yet. In some cases I may need to add a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide to clear the lingering antibiotics in my stomach.

Basically step five is getting the body to normalize, which is best often handled with taking vitamin B complex (antibiotics causes vitamin B deficiency), magnesium chloride, molybdenum, zinc and most important of all, vitamin C sodium ascorbate.

Under the mentioned condition, I think acv baking soda will help you, but also vitamin C sodium ascorbate 500 mg/day, zinc gluconate 25/mg 2 days per week, some molybdenum supplements and magnesium. ACV baking soda will normalize most biological parameters, but also Lemon baking soda formula too. To raise the body temperature, 2 day a week iodine foot painting should normalize most hormonal problems. But still, consider mixing borax mouthwash several times a day, it will remove whatever toxins in the mouth and will also effect the body systems in removing certain lingering fungus from the aftershock antibiotics.

Still, granulated powdered lecithin, in my opinion is the best remedy whenever the body has low levels of hormones. Basically hormones functions are blocked by fat and free fatty acid. By taking granulated powdered lecithin, 1-2 tablespoon with every meal as well as taking a couple more on an empty stomach will quickly get the hormones to quickly function more efficiently.

There are other remedies but these are the essentials for Antibiotics Aftershock Remedy.

And sorry about the slow response -- I am completely flooded with emails!