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Have I Had Too Much Sodium?

Posted by Earth Clinic on 03/04/2007

How can you determine if you've had too much sodium from adding baking soda to ACV?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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A simple way is that sodium retention and high blood pressure goes hand in hand. Sodium retention causes water retention too. Therefore, measuring blood pressure is before and after taking it is often a good indicator. If the body becomes constipated after taking baking soda and ACV for example, it means the body is absorbing all the sodium being taken in, along with whatever food you are having. If the body excretes liquids by way of urine or feces more frequently it is often a sign that the body is giving up sodium. The reasoning is quite simple, most liquid portion of urine and feces are actually sodium! Basically, the more liquefied or watery the feces is, the more the sodium. This is often a simple rule of thumb to determine it.