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Mix in Bottle or Cup?

Posted by Sumaiyah (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) on 08/08/2006

I have a question regarding Ted's ACV remedy. Do I add the baking soda to the bottle or cup? If I am adding it to the cup, how much do I add? If I am adding it to the bottle, how much do I add to a 16oz bottle. Thank you for your time and advice. I have been using the regular ACV remedy for about a week now and my enegry level is great. I have not tried the scale yet but I feel a difference in my clothes..... if that counts. Sumaiyah

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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If you add to a cup, and add the baking soda, the ACV that you will be adding will bubble up and overflow with small bubbles. What I do is add it in an empty pitcher of water (about 2 liters' size) and I used a fork or spoon to help dissipate the bubbles quicker. Then I will pour this into a bottle for later consumption if needed.

If I am adding it to the bottle, how much do I add to a 16oz bottle?

One simpler way without the complicated math is to add ACV first to 14 oz, then add very slowly baking soda until the taste becomes no longer sour. If it is not up to 16 oz, yet, then add the ACV to 16 oz. What I do is I used a pH meter. So everyone will have different ways of doing it. Precision is not important, the issue is for your body to have enough buffer levels first.