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Thyroid Problem Interaction?

Posted by Tony (Gold Coast, Australia) on 11/20/2006

I have been using AVC and sodium bicarbonate as per Ted's recipe; 1 tble spoon ACV, 1/4 tsp bi carb, 1/2 glass water with good results for general health. My question for Ted relates to my girlfriend. She is 36 years old and takes thyroxine sodium 50mg per day for thyroid problem.(had it removed at 19 due to goiter). Her problem is that she tried the ACV as above but with 1 tsp of bi carb and seemed to have a negative reaction. She took this at once at night before bed then once in the morning one hour after her thyroxine on an empty stomach. Within 5 minutes she was dizzy, weak, head ache, nausea and vomited a few times. These symptoms gradually improved over the next few hours. Ted, could there be some reaction with the bi carb and thoroxine or something? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Tony: Over 150 years ago, the goiter problems did not required the removal of thyroid. And the amount they gave was quite high like 250 mg. of iodine. All they gave was giving plenty of iodine and hundreds were cured. I guess today surgeons are more eager to remove them thus creating more problems. I strongly recommend you to read this article and see the light.

Sodium thyroxine and sodium bicarbonates are both sodium so both tends to compete for your body of the sodium, thus interfering witht he sodium thyroxine. Therefore, taking potassium form might be a more safer alternative by not interfering with the sodium thyroxine. Of course, I am old fashioned, take it at different times using the old formula sodium bicarbonate at 90% and 10% with potassium bicarbonate at times where the sodium thyroxine won't interfere directly with the body.

It is possible for certain glands missing might be regenerated using sound therapy I have heard of one instance where this happens with vocal cord removed completely and they were regenerated. Iodine painting on feet might be a more acceptable method done 3 a days a week so the body can produce its own hormones. Certain cells can do that even if the glands are missing, for example, even without adrenal glands, taking vitamin B5, will cause the skin cells to produce adrenal hormones also. I don't know about thyroid, but I am sure some iodine would be helpful.