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Organic ACV Really Better?

Posted by Chad (Kansas City , Missouri) on 05/05/2007

I suffer from sinus infections at least a few times a year (as well as many other ailments that I was hoping to get help with from acv), and I recently stumpled upon your website. I am very eager to try the acv w/ baking soda. I haven't had time to find raw organic acv so I bought some heinz acv. I read much of your feedback and noticed that you said that raw organic acv has minerals, vitamins and is alkaline, whereas the other is acid, which seems to me would defeat the purpose. So should I wait to find some organic acv with mother or will the other give me any beneficial value? I appreciate your time and wisdom, thanks.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
391 posts

In practice most brands that I am aware of Apple cider vinegar is quite good. The healing effects came mostly from the acetates and malates after the baking soda neutralize the acid components to get that.

EC: A couple of years ago, a woman wrote in to Earth Clinic that Heinz recently changed their formula and that their ACV is now "flavored" apple vinegar (i.e., not the real stuff). So read the label carefully and write the manufacturer for more information!