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Hiatal Hernia Therapy?

Posted by Jim (Sherman Oaks, CA) on 09/16/2006

Hi, Thank you for the info on acv and baking soda. Just bought acv. I'm new to this acv scene but an old timer with Hiatal Hernia. the usual symptoms..choking...salivating like a bulldog...burping like cannon shots...sleeping almost sitting up...They will probably bury me sitting up!..... What is the recommended acv dosage?...Mixed with???... Portions?... and baking soda daily regimen? Thank you, Jim

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
391 posts

Dear Jim: ACV plus baking soda may not help that much, Hiatal hernia that much. You need to take other things too. The issue appears to be the cellular structure is impaired, or the body's collagen system is problematic. So try taking plenty of sodium ascorbate, or ascorbic acid baking soda. It is important to take vitamins that relates to cellular wall structure, such as vitamin B5, and vitamin B8 such as inositol, along with vitamin B complex. So that bacteria don't develop in various pockets which can create a lot of gases through burping, etc. The body needs to have a sufficient immune system so that the food does not spoil from the inside your body. Taking plenty of zinc should help reduce some problem. Glucosamine sulfate, shark's cartilage should also help restore cellular structure as well as chitosan supplements.