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Bs Will Stop Tongue Burn?

Posted by Jennifer (Milwaukee, WI) on 08/06/2006

I have been reading your site with great interest - especially in regards to ACV. I have gone through everything, but I am still a bit confused regarding the whole adding baking soda to the ACV. What I have been doing is mixing 2 tsp. ACV with 1 tsp. honey in 8oz of water. I noticed yesterday that my tongue feels mildly "burned" - like when you have eaten something too hot. If I am reading your website correctly, if I am having a "burned tongue" sensation, that means I should be adding ... baking soda to the mixture and that after a week or so, the burning sensation should stop. Am I reading this correctly? I am terribly sorry if you have been asked this too many times before, but the sheer volume of information regarding AVC on your site has me a bit confused on this subject. Thank you for any help you can give me!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Jennifer: Your condition is commonly referred to as the "Acid Tongue". The acid tongue has to do with the problem of your body's imbalances of electrolytes and buffers generally. A long term acidosis could also be a problem of biotin deficiency.

If this DOES happen, your body's buffer is seriously depleted. I have seen this quite often amongst body builders and certain exercise enthusiasts who take high protein supplements.

There are two steps to deal with this fairly common condition:

1. Raise your level of buffer first. Just take baking soda 1/4 teaspoon to 1/2 glass of water x 3 times a day on an empty stomach for about 2 weeks to get it to normal levels. The tongue should be no longer acid on the first week. On the second week, the level of buffer is optimum. Adding a pinch of potassium citrate or potassium might help also. It will balance intercellular and intracellular buffer and acid conditions.

2. Treat your burning tongue by keeping enough sodium bicarbonates solution in the mouth long enough to neutralize the excess acid the body is building up. Do it often enough during the first week and your tongue should be normal by the first week.

3. Consider long term treatment for your acidosis problem by taking some vitamin B complex plus 5-10 mg. of biotin per day for at least a week or so. Just remember that one possible cause for acidosis is biotin deficiency. There are others, but I refrain from putting too much information so I won't confuse you.

On your third or fourth week you can take ACV plus baking soda if you want.

Once you are treated, then you can take on ACV plus baking soda. Pure ACV, might deplete your body's buffer stores too quickly.

For purist, you can take ACV alone, and then take baking soda at separate times. It is your choice. The point is to have enough of the body's buffer and alkaline reserves at a sufficient level.