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ACV Causing Constipation

Posted by Fruit and Fiber (Anonymous) on 12/17/2011

Hi Ted, Thank you so much for all your great advice I have been reading! I have just started the ACV and baking soda about 4 days ago (2 tbs ACV -1/4 tsb BS) I am taking it once a day mixing it with various fruit juices. I plan on upping it to twice a day once I adjust. (I tried the first day just with water and honey but almost vomited it was so bad, so I need the juice for flavor!) The problem is I have been very constipated since I started it and wonder if you have any suggestions? I was thinking of standard fiber pills, but wondered if that might not be the best bet. Just FYI-I don't typically drink juice on a regular basis, so perhaps that is the problem? (I don't like all the extra useless calories/sugar/carbs!)

Thanks in advance!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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You are probably low in vitamin B complex and also the timing of ACV and baking soda. The acv and baking soda if it is taken in the morning hours it must be done after meals. But if lunch and dinner, it works anytime, but also works best after meals. Don't take it directly before meals, it's not designed like that. I think you did it the opposite. The other problem is if vitamin B complex is deficient, the stomach digestive process doesn't work, vitamin B complex gives them the boost, indirectly by helping out the liver functions, considered the warehouse of food storage for the other organs.

There is one more you mentioned, constipation, if often caused by lack of alkalinity that is dealt with in ACV with baking soda, but some people do not respond to ACV/BS, so there is another, baking soda and lime juice that works fine also, because some people just don't respond to ACV. The other common cause of constipation is potassium deficiency, for which potassium citrate or potassium bicarbonate is the common remedy. It is 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon, after meals also. Once a day is usually fine to help relieve constipation and bad breath (this remedy alkalizes your saliva). I found magnesium chloride (the one I use is dechlorinated with sodium thiosulfate) solution and it is 7 to 8 drops of saturated magnesium chloride solution, taken twice a day also relieves constipation.

Fried foods and cooked meats are common problems also, as is drinking too little water! Most medications are short cuts to existing ailments and don't resolve the root of the problem and it becomes one life long remedy, which you don't want, so it is best to fine the root causes.