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As Treatment for Gout?

Posted by Graham (Bellingham WA) on 08/17/2006

I have just read most of your web site regarding Gout and I would like to ask if you can recommend the right amoumt of ACV and Baking Soda to take? I don't suffer badly from gout at the moment, but I do get an attack which lasts for a few days about twice a year and I amconcerned that it may increase. I have doctor prescribed medicine to takein the event of these attacks, but I would like to change to a better and healthier form of medicine if I can. Is their any pill form of medicine that I could take which has similarmedicimal properties of ASV and BS which would at least be easier to take on a regular basis for my Gout? Thanks for your help on this matter and also thanks for enlightening me on alternate forms of healing.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Usually the formation of uric acid is the result of insufficient buffers in our body. When this happens uric acid forms causing gout. Taking plenty of bicarbonates will neutralize them before they happen. In fact, just alkalizing your urine do reduce the conditions of the gout.

The most convenient form to take baking soda is in a tablet form, often 250 mg. and most pharmacists will call this soda mint or sodamint.

ACV is not convenient and you need to add baking soda. However, you can use citric acid (powdered form) and mix this with baking soda. The resulting solution is sodium citrate, which is also a good buffer. I buy mine without the need to do this reaction buy getting sodium citrate directly and in some cases children do not like to take it mixed in water. So desperate parents put them in gelatin capsules.

It is also a well known fact that lithium bicarbonate/lithium carbonate (5-10 mg/dose) will also dissolve uric acid. However getting them is harder to get and the dose have to be relatively small. Using baking soda, or with addition of ACV or citric acid are much more safer in the long run.