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Will Carbonated Soda Replace Bs?

Posted by Penny (Seven Hills NSW Australia) on 12/19/2006

I am about to try the acv and baking soda for acid reflux. Is it baking soda or carb soda i use? also can a 13 year old take it. I have been on nexium and went off it because it made me light headed and I coughed such a lot. My dad used to talk about apple cider vinegar when I was a child. I will be glad to get off tablets

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Penny: It's the baking soda. Carbonated soda has no baking soda, and won't be helpful. When ACV reacts with baking soda it creates a carbon dioxide, or the fizz.

Baking soda when reacted with the ACV is converted from a malic to a malate, and it is the malate after reaction which the body has direct use in buffering pH, but bicarbonate still remains a major component which the body still needs to neutralize the acid.

Think of it this way, the car runs on gasoline, as it burns fuel it creates heat in the engine. As the engine burns fuel, it is overheated, the motor or engine gets destroyed. This is why the car needs a radiator to cool the car down, so that the engine can operate without destroying itself from the fuel. Baking soda works like a car's radiator in your body. When our body makes use of food as a fuel, it burns the food into acid and the acid is the heat of the engine, but at the same time this acid can also destroy the body's engines (the mitochondria) so we die a quick death when the engine is destroyed quicker resulting from early cell death.

The baking soda acts as a coolant like a radiator by neutralizing the acid buildup in the body so that the body can operate the engine without overheating.