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Shoulder Pain, Stomachachs, and Sleepiness.

Posted by Katie (Santa Ana, CA) on 03/05/2007

Hi Ted, First off I just wanted to let you know that what a wonderful work you've been doing for all of us. I've recently tried ACV baking soda and I've definitely noticed a change in my body. I can sleep better now and definitely have more energy too. There are a few concerns that I wanted to ask you about AVC

1. I have my grandma drinking this AVC recently hoping that it'll improve her overall health. Unfortunately, she has more stomachaches than usual. She has to go to the restroom 3-4 times daily(doing 2s). Now, she wanted to stop even though she could sleep better at night and had more energy. Is there anything I could do to help her? or should I change 2 tbls AVC 1/4 tsp baking soda dosage to something else?

2. Ever since I've been taking AVC baking soda, I get unusually sleepy after every meal. Is this normal? Also, the taste is hard to swallow so if I were to eat a spoonful of honey after drinking the AVC, would that lessen the benefits? If I were to drink this daily for several years and suddenly stop, would this create any adverse effect?

3. I've been experiencing chronic shoulder pain for the longest time, even if I don't do any heavy work. If I were just to sit, stand, or walk around for more than 1 hour, I get this pain. In other words, I have this pain all the time even when I don't do anything! Sometimes it's sharp sometimes it's mild, I don't know what to do. I've been taking multivitamins and exercise regularly. I've always been eating healthy foods, ranging from fruits to veggies, and sometimes meat and fish. I rarely eat fast foods or drink sodas and coffee. I've done my part for living healthy but this chronic shoulder-neck pain seems to never go away. I really really appreciate for your help answering all these questions! Thank you so much! and God Bless you kat.

Replied by Linda
Orlando, FL

On the Baking Soda & ACV page Katie from Santa Ana was asking about her chronic shoulder pain and what to do.

I had a severe rotator cuff injury about 3 years ago. I could not even lift my arm. Initially I took glucosamine and chondroiton, which helped alot with the healing and the pain. I was taking two pills per day for about 2 years, and then 1 pill a day for the past year. If I stopped taking the glucosamine and chondroiton the pain would return.

I found this site a few weeks ago and have begun taking molasses with my morning coffee. I read (on a different page) that it helps with inflammation and pain. I have not needed the glucosamine and chondroiton ever since!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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For your grandmother, frequent bathroom breaks is good. It reduces toxic buildup. However it is IMPORTANT to realize that you need to mix Apple Cider Vinegar to the baking soda, otherwise you will get stomachaches and stomach upsets. The formula of 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with 1/4 teaspoon is the safest one I can come up with.

Adding honey is not helpful especially when you are older and diabetic.

Whenever you do get sleepy it means the body really needs a rest, a long rest. Lack of proper rests can be shown if the body is sufficiently alkaline. To prevent this, and if you don't have stomach problems you can add some cayenne peppers to the formula. It is difficult to describe how much, but it is about 1/16 teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder added. It may help reduce the sleepiness. At least this is what I do, but I eat fresh green cayenne peppers to prevent me from falling asleep, not in the middle of the night, but usually during boring office hours. Cinnamon oil on a toothpick is another one. Cinnamon spices is more appropriate additions you can also add to the apple cider vinegar and baking soda, to prevent sleepiness also.

If you find apple cider vinegar with baking soda hard to swallow, I won't use honey. I prefer lemon juice or blended or crushed strawberries, and blended or crushed cherries. Those are I think more healthy and there is a lot of health benefits with cherries too. Perhaps cherry juice is appropriate, at least it doesn't more sugar content than honey. Of course you can also add some lemon also. They are synergistic with the apple cider vinegar and helps reduce the smell.

The body needs bicarbonates, you can't stop them too long. It won't have adverse effects, simply your body will be what it is like BEFORE you took apple cider vinegar and baking soda.

As to the mysterious shoulder pain, it takes a while to go away, but take 250 mg Magnesium citrate (or gluconate or chloride) for about at least a week. Sometimes a magnesium deficiency (at least in my case it was), will cause the chronic pain to go completely away within 3 days. Take some potassium supplements should also help balance the electrolytes.