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Long-term Baking Soda Use Safe?

Posted by Ramila (London, England) on 11/10/2007

Dear Sir, I was very excited about your site. I have been taking apple cider vinegar with soda bicarbonate and feel really very good. I was taking it for osteoarthirits. it has helped me a lot. i have very less knee pains now. Recently, I met a doctor friend and told him what I have been taking for my knee pains. Unfortunately, he said that soda bicarbonate is not good to use it for long term and also said that it degenerates your bones in long term. Can you please, please let me know if this is true. I don't want to stop taking this formula as I do feel good. Also can you please let me know if this is safe to give it to a one year old child? I would really appreciate if you would kindly let me at your earliest convenience. I have written to you in past and I know I will never get an answer as my previously mail hasn't been answered. I only hope that one day I will receive an email with my answers. I still haven't up the hope. Regards, Ramila

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I have been taking soda for about 35 years now. So if anyone with a severe bone problem, it has got to be me.

The issue is that this news is not true. Basically an osteporosis or osteoarthritis are due to a mycobacterium which exists in an acidic state bound to the bones calcium. If the body is sufficiently alkaline, the bone pain reduces. The baking soda does not reduce the calcium. Baking soda is a bicarbonate which buffers the body against pH fluctuation so the body can protect itself against the mycobacterium. The major weakness of the mycobacterium IS the bicarbonates. In fact if the body is sufficiently alkaline, it will not cause the acidic blood to eat the bone. One easy example to illustrate is if you put chicken bones in a vinegar (acidic) for about a month, or even an egg shell, the acid vinegar will REMOVE THE CALCIUM from the chicken bone. A long term acid state of the body is much like a chicken bone in a vinegar. The calcium is removed BY ACIDITY, not by alkalization. Thus the alkalization will reduce any leeching effect of the blood in removing the calcium from your bones, very much like acid rain that eats through Greek statues. The fact is, alkalization protects against calcium from leeching from the bones because it is the acid that eats through the calcium.