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Tingling a Good Sign?

Posted by Louise (Ocean Grove, VIC Australia) on 12/12/2006

Hi, I started taking the acv/bicarb once a day in the morning and straight bicarb in water once a day just before retiring. I have been taking them for around a week. The first thing I noticed is less muscle tension, and more mobility in my right shoulder which has been injured several times over the years. However since taking it I am getting a tingling sensation in my feet, similar to the feeling of pins and needles. I have poor circulation in my feet and I am wondering is this a sign that the circulation is getting stronger? Because I've never had this sensation before I am a little concerned. Would appreciate any thoughts in this regard. Thanks.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Louise: A tingling sensation appears to be toxins release as bacteria are killed by the baking soda and ACV from the alkalization. Some people who do even oil pulling can even feel tingling sensations in the scalp. The effect is the same in both cases, when bacteria and microbes are killed. If this is true, you need to add one drop of peppermint to the ACV and baking soda to reduce the toxins whenever bacteria are killed and the peppermint will neutralize them. The same is also true for even oil pulling. In other words, most natural therapies do experience some Herxheimer effect and this can be helped with peppermint oil and in some case lavender oil and in another cases vinegar. They all have detoxifying effect by neutralizing toxins, but in very different ways.

The other issue is that poor circulation could also be vitamin B complex deficiency and taking them, not everyday but only for a couple of days would help circulation. Reducing some sugar will also help circulation too. Sugar often interferes with circulation and chromium, manganese, and vanadium supplements should also help.

It is important that most natural therapies can be taken often but not every time so that it allows the body to relax and detoxify itself also. The body also needs a break. When I alkalize I can take it every other day or take it for 4-5 days straight and off for 2-3 days.