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Baking Soda Side Effects

Posted by K ( Sussex, NJ) on 09/01/2007

Hello, I had tried at first just AVC with honey and that seemed to work real well with my heartburn and digestion. I would take it after meals. However, now I am experiencing stomach pain and extreme bloating that is painful and I feel nauseas. I have read your remedy of just using the baking soda and water and would like to try it. I have a question it possible to be acidic and not have enough acid to digest your food? I have been diagnosed with Celiac disease, GERD, IBS, and hiatal hernia and I am miserable as I have been dealing with this for over seven years now and it dramatically affects my every day life. Any insight would be so grately appreciated. Thanks in advance?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Using ACV with honey initially will bring some relief,but the condition won't cure whatever ailments in thelong run as it won't resolve the underlying conditionsor normalize the body's biochemical disordersespecially the pH which still perpetuates acidosispromoting growth of candida, GERD, IBS, and hiatalhernia.

These are all of microbial origins and tend toflourish in our intestinal tract, stomach andesophagal tracts too. A long term problem can alsolead to IBS, resulting in leaky gut syndrome.

In additional to dietary imbalances such as lack ofzinc and magnesium, which neutralizes certainmicrobes, can ultimately end up with ulcerativecolitis.

The remedy and the cures are simple enough. All youneed to remember is the analogy where microbes is toplant, and your body's fluids is to fertilizers andsoil.

Your body's fluids pH (acid), nutrition (sugar andfats) provides the essentials environment necessaryfor microbial growth. Microbes need extremely highenergy foods, such as sugar and fats. In order toefficiently break down fats to energy or sugar,microbes need a good acid environment to help digestYOU. LOL. Basically you are dancing with the devil.Doing this, Farmer Brown is basically growing bacteriaand fungus while killing off healthy cells. Healthycells live more in an environment of higheralkalinity, lower sugars and lower fats. It should benoted that free radical heavy metals are also neededto decompose foods which can in turn be toxic tohealthy cells too.

Our present social circumstances, at least todayseems to downplay the importance of microbiology asbeing a dead science and antibiotics rules, whilebiochemistry is too esoteric, but those two fieldswere actually the knowledge that was needed to resolvea lot of diseases, including hereditary factors.

Q: is it possible to be acidic and not have enoughacid to digest your food?

Yes. Assuming the body does not have enough dietarybicarbonates to neutralize the digested acid foodsfrom the stomach, then the digested acid food justburns or digest the intestinal tract causing damage,and promoting bacteria to enter the bloodstream,bringing on septicemia or blood poisoning (which Ifound aspirin plus baking soda to be useful here incertain cases as the aspirin when diluted in a glassof water and taken internally digests viral andbacteria too). A weaker form of a slight damage tointestinal tract won't result in septicemia or leakygut syndrome, but can bring on IBS, and in some casesparanoia when combined with B deficiency and acidosisjust the same.

On the opposite of the argument is if the body isalready lacking in bicarbonates anyway and theintestines have insufficient bicarbonates toneutralize the digested food, the body signals thestomach to digest the food slowly or produce LESS acidto prevent damage to the intestines. I should beremembered that the body is quite well coordinated bythe brain and other signals necessary for organs towork in synergy. The analogy is the same as theOlympic gymnasts, but also it is how all organs arealso coordinated just the same. When the stomachproduces less acid to protect the intestinal damage,the food gets digested slowly and fermentation of thestomach results in GERD. Bacteria grows as a result oflow stomach acid, but low stomach acid is not theCAUSE. One simple principle is actually used inmedicine to get your GERD worse necessary to provethat there is GERD, which is basically a sweet fruitdrinks. The fruit drinks is low in pH, making it acid,and fructose are easier to digest FOR THE BACTERIAthan sucrose, being a simpler sugar, while glucose iseasiest of all for any microbes to flourish. The mereact of drinking acid foods will CAUSE the stomach dodigest slowly and BRING ON fermentation. Apparentlythe acidity of the foods signals the stomach to digestthe food more slower than alkaline foods. This isbasically how the stomach works. And it is this veryreason why milk of magnesia, or baking soda, which isan alkaline, causes a laxative effect and reducesconstipation. The longer the wastes stays, theconstipation initiates fermentation and bacterialbuildup.