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Apple Cider Vinegar and Side Effects

Posted by Becky (Wichita Kansas) on 09/20/2006

I have a question, are there any side effects in taking the ACV. Some people are telling me that the vinegar is going to pickle my insides, like it does a cucumber. Is this true? And if there are any side effects and what is the length of time you should stop taking the ACV? I think I am addicted to it because it keeps my weight down tremendously, but still wondering if by taking the ACV will it cause me to have any health problems in the long run. I drink it every day all day. You listed all the amazing things that the ACV does, so please list if there are any side effects that i should be concerned about.Thanks....CONCERNED USER!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The body neutralizes the acid to pH of 7.35. If it does pickle you, it would have killed you. To safely take ACV safely, just neutralize the acid by adding some baking soda. The pickle problem won't happen, but the body's buffer could be depleted without the baking soda. It is a common deficiency that the medical establishment has not yet recognized, but it has been known in holistic medicine for at least one hundred years. If you apply vinegar to your skin if you wash it daily, it will cause your skin to be smooth and supple like a baby. Just try it.

Replied by Mayank

Hello Ted,

I have started taking ACV+BS (2tbsp+1/4tsp) thrice a day which gave immediate relief after ingestion of this remedy . I must admit that it's a miracle remedy. A big thanks to you! I want to know about the BLACK PLUM VINEGAR (BPV), if it can also be used like ACV+BS I.e. BPV+BS, for enhancing the digestion?