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Sore Throat Suggestion?

Posted by Darrel (Toronto) on 09/13/2006

What does your Bangkok contributor Ted suggest for a sore throat. Gargle with baking soda or drink it for alkalinity. Or does he recommend something better for sore throats? Thanks

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
391 posts

Do both. Gargle and slow sip. A gargle will not go deep down in the throat, but it does a good job cleaning where the gargling occurs. Sipping very slowly every five minutes interval for 5 or 6 times is what I usually do. Baking soda is rather a weak alkaline, a stronger one i used is potassium carbonate, 1/4 teaspoon solution.

Of course I doubt you can find that, so just add a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide, such as 6-12 drops per glass of water along with baking soda. The antiseptic power of baking soda will increase greatly making it more effective. I am doubtful it is that effective against the sore throat when using baking soda alone. Most strep bacteria are quite resistant to both acid and weak alkaline. Therefore adding hydrogen peroxide would kill it more effectively if your alkalinity is relatively weak to begin with.