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What About B Vitamins?

Posted by Christine on 03/03/2007

Hi Ted, I read on the earthclinic site that you suggest adding bicarb of soda to the apple cider vinegar. I thought I read somewhere a long while ago, that bicarb of soda depleted the body of Vitamin B1, so surely that wouldn't be a good thing would it? What are your comments on this please? Christine

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Christine: Much of the problem has to do with adding baking soda in the cooking along with heating of food. Most vitamins are destroyed more from heating and unnatural forms of vitamins in their hydrochloride forms.

Also certain vitamin companies produces thiamine hydrochloride which gets destroyed with baking soda. However certain natural thiamine, are not destroyed by acid reactions.

In fact, thiamine acid forms often gets destroyed anyway as it enters your blood since the body must maintain a pH of 7.35. Off by only 0.5 pH and you die.

The thiamine in form of Hydrochloride is therefore not a biologically available form either. A preferred form are the non-hydrochloride forms or low acid forms, such as thiamine mononitrate. Therefore bicarbonates do not destroy vitamin B1 inside your body, if you diets are already eating fresh fruits and vegetables.