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Very Tired After Taking ACV and Baking Soda - Detoxing?

Posted by Pierre on 05/25/2009

Dear Ted,

Hope you are well, I want to ask you about ACV mixed with backing soda, last couple of days I fill very tired and somnolence all the time.
I find that thats normal cleaning process like a fastening, or there something else. I make one coffee spoon with tree four coffee spoon ACV.
morning and evening Please let me know if I doing right

Best Regards

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The sleepiness from taking ACV and coffee together causing some tiredness during detox has to do with the body is not detoxed enough and a person will need to take 1 full glass of water with a pinch of sea salt. This should neutralize the toxicity of the body buildup from the caffeine in the coffee. The body if it has excessive coffee with some acetates from the vinegar tends to cause sleepiness instead of jittery because one is acid forming and the other is alkaline forming and the ACV cancels out caffeine which causes sleepiness as the body tries to rid of it through the liver. But because the body tries to rid of it, there is not enough water to rid of it quickly enough and the body then becomes tired. Therefore, drinking 1 full glass of water and a pinch of sea salt did the trick.


05/26/2009: Pierre writes: "Ted, I forgot to tell you the problem they I have with my Allergy is there and I remark that when I started to detox my body the red point on my body and face are more intense and bigger like before. Should I continue to take the allergy killer - or I have to stopped. And if that the way to make cleaning the body or just fasting will give me fasters responces.


05/26/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand writes, "Most allergy at least the redness of the skin is a condition where the body is acid. This can easily be proven with a pH paper to measure for both saliva pH and urine pH. It's very likely either or both of that will have pH below 6.5. The most common figure I encounter is usually below 6. This is a pH in which most yeast and fungus grows since it assumes that the body is in a decay and breakdown, which they generally are whenever the body is acid. Most baking soda will raise urinary pH to around 6.5 to 6.8, but not higher. A sodium citrate can raise easily raise to 7.0 to 7.3. Most sodium tends to raise the urinary pH, which are extracellular fluids most easily if the urinary pH is below 6.5. The potassium seems to be critical for salivary pH, which controls the intracellular fluids and pH so if it is acid, either a potassium bicarbonate or preferably a potassium citrate (technical name tripotassium citrate) is the preferred pH to raise them quickly. The most serious pH I have found that effects the health is usually the salivary pH which are rarely below 7, but in practice people who are sick it is quite common to see them below 6.5 and have symptoms of allergy. The allergy in most cases from pH has to do with fungus, and yeast infection, mostly fungal in nature. Since the intracellular fluids is sensitive to calcium, it's often best to avoid high calcium products such as dairy products, fermented products, mushrooms, asparagus (high in excitotoxins), tomatoes, potatoes, peanuts and peppermint oil, notwithstanding artificial sugar and sugars in general. Fried foods seems to worsen the condition also. If the rashes doesn't disappear, certain hair mineral analysis may reveal certain heavy metals off the charts, such as lead, cadmium, mercury , copper, and then some. Magnesium supplements around 500 mg, in half glass of water, preferably magnesium chloride will generally reduce the skin problem too. However an allergy is also relates to deficiency of fatty acids and fish oils 1000 mg, evening primrose oil 500 will help, while granulated lecithin one tablespoon a day reduces liver toxicity, usually from alcohol and caffeine consumption.


Replied by Haidar
Iasi, Iasi/romania

Hi Ted. My name is Bogdan I am from Romania and I have a form of gerd with silent reflux. I have been to the dr and he told me I have Gerd and bad motility. I took 3 years ago treatment with 0 results. My gerd is weird because I get realy nausea bloated and no energy when try to eat protein meals like meat all kinds whey protein(i weight train)... I do not know what to do.. If I eat only cabs I feel energetic but it bloats me and after 20 min I feel bad. Also in the summer time I sweat really bad(never before). I gan verry easy fat and body water and it's verry hard to looose it. has some remedies and I will try to add potassium to my BS. Other side effects are BAD BReath, slow motility, sweatting in summer time, cold hands, BURPS, dry skin, some hairloss, cloudy urine(i take some suplements), bloating feeling verry bad afer meal. I tried everything digestive enzymes probiotics, Bcomplex magnesium(gives me bad NAUSEA and reflux), herbs, DGL Ulcetrol(now foods) so so so many for liver bile etc.... Nothing works.. To have energy I tale ALCAr and for brain some choline , PS, B6, ... For muscles it is verry hard I ccannot eat basically much protein only small meals with some organic meat and some protein shakes.. My life is a ruin.... My urine ph is 7 but I never tested saliva Ph but I think is acidic.... If I try to stay away from carbs I feel ok but less energetic in a few days....

What to Ted- what to do???? Some told me I have low stomach acid but I took betaine and results are I felt worse........ Basically I am sick from everything: bananas, apples, all green vegetbles etc.. meat especially stays long in my stomach..Please help me!!!!!!