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ACV and Baking Powder Questions

Posted by Mukesh (Canada) on 06/06/2008

Good Day. I like your site but I have question about ACV-what kind should I get for my 7 and 9 years children's and also explain me what type of baking powder brand should I get in Canada?

Replied by Roma
Austin, Texas

Please follow Ted's advice. Mix only Baking SODA (Sodium Bicarbonate) with ACV. After adding the Baking Soda to the ACV, the mix will foam up, then settle down. My family started taking 2 tablespoon ACV with 1/4 teaspoon Baking Soda daily, one year ago. The benefits we've experienced have been many. Primarily we passed through flu season without a problem, it healed our digestive disorders and stopped all craving for junk food.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
391 posts

Baking powder cannot be used. Only baking soda can be used, a chemical name is sodium bicarbonate. The baking powder used different because it doesn't have sodium bicarbonate and they add other thing too. So I would read the labels that say "sodium bicarbonate".

The ACV and baking soda therefore is 2 tablespoon ACV plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water usually 2 or 3 times a day. This is the adult dose. So if a children, with 1/2 weight of 100 pounds, their dose will usually be 1/2 dose mentioned here. But if they are 1/3 of weight, then it's 1/3 of the dose.

Replied by Tracy
Kitchener, Canada

I live in Canada, and have found aluminum free baking powder at the Super Store in the organic section. The brand name is "El Peto". It cost just over $3.00

Replied by Wilson
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Baking powder consists of baking soda, cream of tartar and sodium aluminum sulfate plus cornstarch.

Replied by Garry
Calgary, Canada

I had a powder on hand before i started avc. The mixture per half teaspoon is calcium carbonate 450mg, magnesium carbonate 250mg, and 90mg potassium bicarbonate. Would this be effective or do you insist on sodium bicarbonate?

Replied by Ava
Brisbane, Australia

Hello, I have been taking the acv/bs for about 3 days, on the last dose I started feeling nauseous, then I started having diarrhea, like water and then vomited. I haven't taken the dose since then. I am wondering if this is just detox, could someone please tell me if this is normal for detoxing...thanks.

Replied by Courtney
Granite Bay, Ca

You didn't say how much apple cider vinegar and baking soda you've been taking... Like how many tsp/tbsp's of each and how many times per day, but what you've described doesn't sound like detox to me. It sounds more like you over-did it... took too much ACV and/or BS or took the mixture too often.

Replied by Cat
Papamoa, New Zealand

Ava - you say baking POWDER in your header but mention BS (baking SODA) in your paragraph? Which is it? You should be taking the baking soda with the ACV.

Replied by Ava
Brisbane, Australia

Sorry everyone, yes baking soda... I must have clicked on a question on the site and the above was the subject heading, which my foggy mind didn't detect... Thanks for the replies... please re-reply now we have cleared that up... Sorry again...

Replied by Ava
Brisbane, Australia

I approximate the dose Ted suggests and have it once a day, about 2 hours after eating and several hours before bed. I may have added too much baking soda on the last dose, so would that account for the diarrhea/vomiting...

I have a fatty liver and a gallstone polyp. I have passed a couple of stones previously, so don't know if I have any at the moment or not. I was getting a lot of gallbladder pain and liver heat previously which had settled down a bit before I had the acv/bs mix.

I was having liver pain and internal heat which seemed to radiate down my right side from my liver to my mid-thigh. I thought maybe the diarrhea and vomiting could be cleaning out my liver and gall bladder. Only a bit of liver twinges at present.

I also had a lot of very loud stomach/bowel gurgling and it sounded like bile was being released into the bowel and I could hear it making its way down my intestines... to its ultimate

I have been a heavy drinker and smoker and have switched to chocolate and coke, which I have a very large amount of. So obviously I would be very acidic and thought that all that diarrhea/vomiting was some sort of good clean out...hopefully.