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How to Make It Palatable?

Posted by Mary (Chicago) on 09/23/2006

I have a question. I just started drinking the apple cider vinegar yesterday. I have not noticed any effects yet, but I did notice that after I drink it my stomach feels like it is burning for a while. I drank it on an empty stomach. I did not add baking soda - I tried it, but it tasted very bad. Is there any way to make the vinegar with the baking soda more palatable? Can drinking it on an empty stomach cause an ulcer?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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To make ACV & baking soda more palatable, mix them in a lemon or orange juice to cover the bad taste. It will sometimes cure the ulcer, not cause it, especially if you eat orange peels, and apples quite often. Since ACV have components of apples, then it could help. Orange oil and certain parts of apple such as apple seeds is known to kill helicobacter pylori, causing the ulcers. It has antibiotic powers