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Bacteria the Cause of Hair Loss?

Posted by S (Anonymous) on 12/29/2011

Hi Ted! I have been on earth clinic reading many forums on hair loss and also on other sites and I'm trying to figure out what is causing my hair thinning!

I have been dealing with it for 7 years now and I'm lost because I don't know the exact cause, as no one doctor has ever told me... well one doctor did say that bacteria has settled in my scalp from using hair grease but i did not use much hair grease when this happened only when I was very young, anyways he said it's bacteria since my scalp has small circular patches on it. It looks normal from afar but if you look closely at my scalp, the parts that is thinning is reddish in color and it has very small circular scaling patches where its balding while the unaffected healthy scalp color is whitish-tan.

It itches sometimes and I also get scalp pain in the thinning areas, like a tingling, burning sensation especially when Im upset or stressed. Tar shampoo, hasn't work, coconut oil, tea tree, lavender oil, nor oil of oregano... all of these oils calm it but still no full growth. Castor oil seems to make it get fuller and it definitely moistures it since it has become so brittle in the thin areas. I have been reading and researching a lot, and most people say they have noticed hair loss after cortisone shots to their body parts and I just remembered, I TOO HAD A CORTISONE SHOT in my shoulder in 2003 at the chiropractor. This was right before my hair started to thin and my back got a dark fungal rash on it and my forehead had bout of acne...I also had cortisone shots in my scalp for the thinning in 2007. It did not help and only left depressions/dents in my scalp!

Is this true??? Does these cortisone shots cause hair loss?? Can they disrupt the body's natural hormone balance?? If so how can I help this??? Is there any thing I can do to reverse what has happened if the cortisone is the cause?? Thanks so much

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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What I know is cortisone may have delayed some of the hair loss and some fungus infection set in before the cortisone, that's my guess. Most hormone treatments if done right, not in excess, actually increase hair growth, such as growth hormones, cortisone, estrogen (cellular proliferation which also encourages cancer too), and others.

Most of the areas of the scalp are usually fungus, and there are two methods I employ, if it is severe then I would just kill it, with tea tree, or lavender, and others, but in case the body's immune system is down, well that's too much sugar intake, and deficiencies, usually from the niacinamide deficiency, and lack of hormones. Boron (borax) will increase the hormones across the board and it also is anti fungal. I will used borax and niacinamide paste to apply, mostly is like 90% niacinamide B3 and 10% borax, and apply as a wet paste (moisten with water), it will address both fungus and deficiency issues on the scalp. B3 niacinamide is taken internally also and is known to reduce anxiety and stress also, not just fungus issue. If anemia is indicated, then the blood stream has lots of fungus which will usually clear up with a 3% H2O2 one capful in one liter of water as a drinking water.

As always, the hardest remedy to resolve for me is always the hair loss, the reason why has a lot to do with many minerals are involved, hormones, and especially the anemia problem. Now in case of hair loss fungus eats blood cells and may be defeated with hydrogen peroxide in drinking water.