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Regrowth of Hairs

Posted by V on 07/13/2007

I have been severely losing hair from march due to itching and some times Im seeing dandruff and some times not.Is itching associated with dandruff or not?? I used shampoos like T-gel for 2 weeks and T-sal for 2 weeks but of no use..itching still I went to dermaetologistand she prescribed me the Luxiq foam(which is a corticosteroid) to get relieve from itching and also Loprox shampoo for 4 week trail.I used it for almost 2 weeks but the foam is giving me only temporary relief from itching .After browsing some sites , I came across ACV . I am using it as diluted(2 teaspoons of ACV+6teaspoons of water) to my scalp and keeping for overnight and also using 1/2 cup of ACV +2 cups of warm water as a final rinse after shampooing but still itching continues may be it reduces slightly..I dont know. Can I use undiluted ACV to my scalp and how long i have to keep that??I'm also using coconut oil to my scalp.Can I use that?? Usually I dont prefer I want to use ACV only for my scalp.Even I started taking boiled soyabeans after they get sprouted and also drinking 2tablespoons of ACV , honey with a glass of water .will they help for my itching and hair loss?? I was confused that when I should take that in early morning or at any time??Approximately,with in how long itching disappears becoz I am not able to concentrate on my work and Im feeling tensed whether this itching leads to baldness.Ihave one more question like if itching disappears will the hair starts regrowth or not?? Suggest me what is the food to be taken and what is not to be taken?? Can I drink fruit juices or eat fruits ??which fruits should be taken?? Waiting for ur reply ... Thanks in advance...

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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"A couple remedies that might help. I usually used either ACV or plain distilled vinegar undiluted works best.

If the acv remedy doesn't work, I will try borax to be used as a shampoo and for taking baths. Borax are a good antifungal and generally helps the body reduce mineral deficiencies associated with lack of boron. I am also helped greatly with a bottle of Milk of Magnesia (10 tablespoon - about - in 1 glass of water) to be used as a hair lotion solution on the hair left overnight before rinsing in the morning. Milk of magnesia is quite soothing, at least for me.

If the milk of magnesia was greatly helped, I would probably expect that the body is depleted of magnesium and would probably take some 250 milligrams of magnesium citrate (or magnesium chloride) for 5 days out of a week for a couple of weeks.

However underlying body's acidity often bring on the itchiness too. So I would at least take 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda taken twice a day, in 1/2 glass of water, once in the morning and once before bedtime.

For the hair loss, manganese supplements (chelated, or manganese sulfate) about 25 mg, twice or three times a week and vitamin C sodium ascorbate 1000 mg/day would help. However manganese works best generally if taken on an empty stomach and the tablets should be grind to powder and mixed with water. Other ones if no result is a pinch of borax (1/16 teaspoon) in a drinking water and some sodium molybdate supplements may also help.