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Supplements Not Stopping Hair Loss

Posted by S (India) on 12/28/2011

Dear Ted, I am suffering from constant hair loss since last 7 months. My hair is thinning and I can see my scalp on some areas.

I am suffering from anxiety disorder and symptoms are heart palpitation and panic attacks. After taking HOMEOPATHY Medicine I am relieved from these symptoms and feel much better now. My hair breaks up from the middle and from the roots as well. I got extremely dry, frizzy and brittle hair. About 1.5 years ago I got the rebounding done. After rebounding my hair was fine till one year. I also want to mention that I am a pure Vegetarian and I got some body tests done about 4 months ago which mentioned the toxic level in my body was quite high. For that I increased my water and green tea intake.

My IRON serum level is above 80. Still I am taking Iron supplement AND one tab in a day of Curlzvit (which contains Biotin- 5mg, Calcium Pabtothenate-200mg, Ninacinamide-30mg, PABA -100MG, Zinc Oxide -25mg and Acetyl Cysteine-100mg. since last one month BUT NO IMPROVEMENT. Rather hair fall has increased since last two weeks.

I am using a mild shampoo but nothing is helping me to stop my hair loss PLS HELP SIR.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The major components of hair are cysteine and lysine, if you lack these hair tends to be brittle, but it may also lack silicon, which can be obtained from horsetail. Much of the heart palpitations are due to lack of sufficient electrolytes and lack of CoQ10, the major electrolytes will be the magnesium, I prefer magnesium chloride solution--7 drops before meals twice a day, I assume you have normal bowel movements of twice a day, otherwise toxins build up. Cysteine, the preferred form is N acetyl cysteine, but in case of hair loss, I might take some of cysteine also, say 250 mg N acetyl cysteine twice a day, and maybe 100 mg x 2 of cysteine. A vegetarian will be low in all amino acids, especially the essential amino acid, which can be replenish with whey protein, it's taken at 1 tablespoon twice a day, in morning and in afternoon, or perhaps soy protein. Now I assume you have a normal digestion if bloated, or flatulence, then B50 once a day for one or two weeks. The heavy metals come from fertilizers which are very high in heavy metals, from water faucet (check inside the faucet!) and from pipes fittings which are usually rusted, and home water filters do not filter heavy metals except Reverse Osmosis, and they if you used that you get mineral deficiencies, whereby it needs to replenish with dead sea salt and/or celtic sea salt, at 1/4 teaspoon per liter of water, its between 1/3 to 1/4 teaspoon to be exact that needs to be reconstituted.

In event that there is hypothyroidism, tryrosine is needed, The main element to restore hair growth that has some successes is a topical application of B3 niacinamide and borax, just add sufficient amount of water and apply as a thin paste that's helpful to the hair loss. Anything that is antifungal actually prevents the formation of DHT, dehydrotestosterone, which causes hair loss. The best ones is B3, borax, but also a wet solution of MSM, and can be mixed together is you want, since fungus are known to cause hypothyroidism, all this can be taken internally too, but at different dose, B3 niacinamide is taken at 500 mg, and MSM at least is taken at 500 mg x 5, fungus also effects the bone condition too, besides the hypothyroid.

If the scalp is dry, it lacks flaxseed oil which can be consumed 500 mg a day, if the scalp is oily then I would try zinc acetate form. The apple cider vinegar and also the plain old vinegar can kill the fungus that causes hair loss too, but you should feel itchiness if it is, but if not another form of fungus is the cause at which case I will get better results with Borax (boron), MSM, and especially B3. Now if it works it takes about 2 to 3 weeks before new hairs come out, if you have a bald spot, and become itchy, however in event of hair loss, another remedy I used is the manganese sulfate form, I have tried the manganese chloride and doesn't work, and can be taken internally at 1/16 teaspoon for at least two weeks to notice less hair loss, and may be helped further with application of some manganese sulfate on the scalp.

Iron deficiency happens in case of fungus infection, it needs that for growth and usually steals from two place bone marrow, and the blood stream. If bone marrow it affects anemia, if blood stream, then circulation. If circulation it is hydrogen peroxide 3% one capful in one liter of water, if the bone marrow, that needs selenium and MSM, and it takes awhile, but if iron supplementation I think you are putting out fire by pouring gasoline as the iron is also needed by the fungus, when in fact it could be caused by low stomach acid, which causes flatulence, if you don't have that, then you won't need B50 which will help that.

There are other supplements, but if you have sleeping problems that can be the cause too, and the B3 500 mg is one thing that will help, there are others such as if fungus infects the bone marrow (which leads to leukemia), plus weakness, then it is selenium, if just sleeping problem combined with anxiety then B3, iodine and lithium. The lithium makes the distribution of iodine better and more thorough throughout the body especially in bone marrow and will help the red blood cells differentiation. In fact I have seen many vegetarians have this problem and may be just that the cause is from anemia and therefore also low immune system, causing the fungus to infect easily. As for the brittle of hair, well that's the low protein diets, and will replenish with whey and soy protein.


Replied by Bri
Roseburg , Oregon, Us

Ted, I have just swiched to a pure vegetarian diet a couple months ago. My hair has been shedding like crazy too! I have always had super thick hair. I believe I am getting all my nutrients. I have read The China Study, watched Forks over Knives, and decided to try cutting out all animal products. I feel great. More energy, no allergies, skin looks much better etc. My question is do you think that cutting out all meat is healthy? Milk protien casein causes cancer to rapidly grow, so is any dairy recomended? I know I feel better not eating meat and dairy, however I do want my hair to be like it was. Not to mention I have seen many pure vegetarians with grey cavity filled teeth, which I think is an indication of poor health. Do you eat animal products, or recommend eating animal products? Or do you recomend moderation which would be defined as what?

Replied by Sweetorange

Bri, I wonder if you're getting enough sulfur in your diet. One thing which you could try which is as nontoxic as water is MSM, a sulfur supplement. It's natural to the body, so shouldn't cause problems. You could start with 1,000 mg twice a day and double it after a few days. Good luck with that!

Replied by Bluebelle

BRI: I've been a vegetarian (ovo-lacto) for more than 25 years, and I am never ever sick, nor do I have any aches or pains anywhere. I don't even get a cold. Until very recently, my hair and skin were unbelievably pretty and problem-less. Now, it's a different story (although they are still beautiful), but I assure you it has nothing to do with vegetarianism; more likely it is the consequence of brutal stresses over the period of five years.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you this vegetarian's point of view, because it's based on first-hand, longterm experience, not on some "studies" and theories.

Good luck!

Replied by Amanda
Tweed Heads, Nsw

If you're vegetarian and suffering from hair loss it might help to check for copper/zinc ratio. Vegetarians tend to be higher in copper which can cause hair loss. But please make sure you check your levels before you supplement as too much zinc can also cause hair loss!

Replied by Bri
Roseburg, Oregon, US

Thank you so much for the information!!!