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Dandruff with Hair Loss

Posted by Y

You suggested me to take vitamin D of 10,000 IU but I am getting vitamin D of 1000 I.U. Is it ok if i take it once along with cod liver oil. Also I forget to mention one thing. I moved to New York from India 3 yrs back. Since then my hair started falling badly. Initially I didn't notice it but now they have become very thin. Please suggest something for hair loss also. Also I am a vegetarian. I have started using Tea tree oil for my dandruff plus I am taking Vitamin A, C and cod liver oil right now. I don't know whether this stops hair fall or not? or it only helps in Dandruff? I have applied Tea tree oil only once but my itching seems to have gone by 50%. Thank you so much.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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50% reduction means your scalp seem to be in poor condition that is why the itchiness is there. I can conclude that you haven't started on the borax for shampoo, mixed in 1% hydrogen peroxide. Quite often the lack of tea tree effective is the amount applied to the scalp is too small. Avoid using plastic combs as tea tree dissolves lower grade PE plastics. Just use you hands or a better quality combs (metal) to run through the scalp. The scalp should have tea tree applied directly, undiluted. Colorless iodine applied to the scalp helps a lot too, especially for staph type scalp problems. It may further reduce the itch applied overnight. I found newer cases of hair loss were also beginning to show some staph as it causes bleeding. Fungus don't cause scalp bleeding, but they do cause extreme itching.

You suggested me to take vitamin D of 10,000 IU but I am getting vitamin D of 1000 I.U. Is it ok if i take it once along with cod liver oil.

Yes you can. Magnesium supplements helps. Most Indian diets are high in vegetarians. The protein imbalance or the lack of it does happen. To get a protein source of vegetarian you can get them from soy milk. Whey protein for me is a good source too. The dose for that is about 1/3 cup two times a day mixed in water or follow the the packaging labels. Soy milk is drank three times a day. If manganese level is still low, blackstrap molasses 1 teaspoon two times a day may help or manganse chelated or manganese sulfate. Finally, take some 8 teaspoon of lemon plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water, once in the morning and once before bedtime to alkalize and further killed the assumed fungus issue. My understanding here is you haven't used borax in 1% hydrogen peroxide solution to wash your hair (no rinsing) which more directly treat the condition, followed closely by tea tree oil overnight application.