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Iodine for Hair Loss (2)

Posted by Maria (Mesa, AZ) on 12/11/2008

My hair seems to be thinning near the front area. I've always had really thick hair and now it seems thin but you can actually see my scalp now about 2 inches in length by 2 inches in width. Where can you purchase Iodine for hairloss? Is there a specific brand and % content? I've seen a few at a local drug store but the have another ingredient and a small percentage of Iodine. What do you recommend exactly? thank you.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The Iodine I prefer can also be kelp which contains fairly large amounts of iodine. In some few cases, adding a few drops of lugol's iodine solution, such as 3 drops per glass per day are also used, however, if some people fear toxicity, then daily iodine foot painting would do. It is absorbed transdermally. As to the issue of hair thinning in the front of the head, one of the cures I did use was the panthenol vitmain B5 supplements, or pantothenic acid, about 1000 - 2000 mg per day, plus some inositol B8, 1000-2000 mg that has an effect of giving the hair more body. Other supplements that have an effect of thickening of hair also includes silcon supplements, often in the form of silicic acid, or sodium silicate. I prepare my own solution of sodium silicate, usually 1-3 drops a day, if I want to accelerate hair growth, or strengthen them. The cause of hair thinning could be any number of causes, blood capillary circulation, if restricted, can cause hair thinning too, so gingko and some EDTA supplements fine also. Receding hair line I take it to be result of aging, in which case the decrease in human growth hormone to be one factor. If a person's age is above 40s then there's some need to reduce any oily foods in general, especially fatty foods, vegetable oils since the body has a limit for taking those and they block the body's hormones, while switching more to vegetarian foods. Obviously vegetarian foods lack certain amino acids that may need to be supplemented, so more fish is added to the diet helps, or at least more taurine. Certain supplements such as glutamine (1000-4000 mg), glycine (1000-4000 mg) and niacinamide (250-500 mg), where these taken before sleep are known to increase growth hormones. I have also noticed hair loss and thinning to come from chlorine and fluorine exposure during shower, so dechlorinating and removing fluorides helps. Borax removes fluoirde, while chlorine is usually removed by dechlorinator, found in many aquarium shops, where I prefer sodium thiosulfate myself that removes chlorine.