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Young Female with Hair Loss

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 07/15/2011

Hi Ted, I am a 33yr old woman, and I have been losing my hair since late 2006-2007. I have tried many commercial remedies only to find my hair getting shorter, thinner, very dry brittle and balding! I have almost lost all of my hair on top of my head and have to wear wigs during the day because it is getting so thin. This has made my self esteem plummit and I often cry. I went to several dermatologist. One said it will grow back, but never specified the cause and only gave me steriod injections in the scalp and a prescription for loprox shampoo, but said fungus cultures were negative. My hair did nothing. Another said bacteria was to blame because I used hair grease and it probaly will never grow back, he prescribed DHS coal tar gel and nizarol. I told him I haven't used hair grease in years. I had relief from itching with the nizarol shampoo, but stop using it due to the ingredients. I used it only 2-3 times total, and only used the coal tar shampoo once because I stumbled upon earth clinic site and have been reading your many remedies, which I must say makes more sense then any doctor has. I tried the borax and peroxide twice but it lightented my hair color and did not rid me of the itching like the lavender and tea tree oil mix. I also applied coconut oil and emu oil, also dabbed itchy spots with braggs ACV and fresh aloe gel from a plant, My concern is I may be using too many remedies and then im not sure if I have fungus or bacteria. I just really need a personal plan suggested by you. here's an overview of my symptoms:

  • very deep itching in scalp
  • scalp tenderness
  • different scalp color where hair is falling (unaffected scalp is light tan while affected scalp is reddish tan)
  • white coated tounge
  • funny taste on tounge after eating sugar
  • inner ear itch (but has decreased after drinking lime and bs water)
  • nasal allergies
  • wheat allergies( just started this year)
  • fruit popsicles/frozen fruit allergies
  • vaginal outside thrush sometimes
  • scaly facial skin, side of nose too
  • itchy blotches on forehead
  • back acne
  • facial, chest and breast hair (im a woman) maybe hormonal

Please Ted I really need your help. Ever since that doctor told me my hair wont grow back Ive been losing hope but your remedies have put some back. Please give me your lovely advice

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Some of it is hormonal, one damaging hormones is the DHT (dehydrotestosterone) maybe Saw Palmetto will help on the damaging hormonal aspect.

Continue the remedies you have least problem, which is lavender and tea tree oil.

As for your hair health, a large component of hair is cysteine, and I will use N Acetyl Cysteine, and seem to help, at 250 mg twice a day after a month.

Check your hormones is the best way to determine what hormones you are in excess or lacking that is causing your hair problem.

Very deep itching is signs of troubling immune system and other deep fungal or mycobacterium issues, that needs more detail later. Taking alkalinity helps some itching for now, adding more may help. There may be some deficiency of vitamin A and zinc gluconate 25 mg. Take them for 2 weeks and see how it goes.


07/19/2011: Anonymous replies: "Thank you for answering Ted, I was worried you would be too busy, Thank you! Ok, so I have tried saw palmetto in the past for the DHT, but it seems everytime I take it my breast gets fuller and I dont want them bigger. I dont know if its true or not, but I have read saw palmetto can be a natural breast enhancer, is that true or is it my imagination, also did not see any improvement and I took it for at least a month. Is there anything else to rid the DHT?

Also, everytime I use borax and leave it without rinsing like you say, my head is itchier, why is that?

And how do I check my hormones? Must I go to a doctor? Last thing, what do you mean by taking alkalinity, then adding more may help? I do baking soda and lemon juice in water, I switched to only aklaine drinking water and I make some bottled waters alkaline by adding baking soda to it. is this ok? How long to alkalize my body?? I started zinc and manganese and will add vitamin A and N acetyl cysteine, I have in my cabinet! Thanks so much"

07/27/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Saw Palmetto actually cause temporary increase in breast size, it is not permanent. If you don't want to try this, there is apha lipoic acid, 500 mg, CoQ10 400 mg x 2, and Acetyl L carnitine 500 mg, MSM 1000 x 5, and N acetyl Cysteine, 100 mg x 5 for example that will do this by promoting hair growth, instead of blocking DHT. As to the other supplements that will block it is zinc acetate or zinc gluconate, 25 mg, but taken not over 3 to 4 weeks. and Boron (in form of borax) 1/8 or 1/16 for a couple of weeks.


07/29/2011: Anonymous replies: "Thanks sooooo much!!! That was very helpful! Now I need to be sure of the amount of pills I need to take to get started on my regimen. I was actually already taking MSM 1000mg, but only one pill a day, do you reccomend I take 4 pills a day as suggested on the bottle?

This is what I take daily:

  • Zinc gluconate,oxide, aspartate 50mg, 1pill a day
  • N acetyl- L-cysteine 600MG 1 A DAY
  • kelp 125mg 1 a day
  • manganese 50mg 1 a day
  • Beta carotene 25,000 iu 1 a day
  • Burdock root1080mg 2 a day,
  • Oregano (for candida) 450mg 2 a day
  • Flax seed oil 1000mg 1 a day
  • vitamin D liquid drops 2,000 mg 2x a day
  • and Vitamin C Powder 1000mg once daily, but have noticed nausea after incorperating Vtamin C to my regimen.

I really need you to help me with the dosing of all of these vitamins! Yesterday I cut down to only the zinc, burdock, oregano, MSM, NAC, and Kelp.

Am I taking too many herbs, not enough, too high dosing on some...??? Please tell me which herbs out of my list is necessary to take, the dosing and how many a day you suggest PLEASE, as this will help me get started on my regimen.
Thanks so much...with love"

07/31/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "There was one lady who was checking her blood, that was low in sulfur, taurine, and energy. Despite the fact that she was taking it and MSM (Sulfur, 1000 mg) and taurine (1000 mg) for months, and for energy CoQ10 (50 mg) and Alpha Lipoic acid (100 mg) and Acetyl L carnitine (100 mg). So there was the hair loss continued. Apparently when she these dose, that help hair loss, when she increase five fold, which was mostly CoQ10, MSM, taurine, the hair loss stopped. I suspected she made other changes to acetyl carnitine and alpha lipoic acid, by taking it three times (effectively tripling her doses). There was a pattern of reduce zinc in her blood, but that was because she was taking them with the calcium (which blocks absorption) once she take zinc alone, did the trick. So the whole issue of hair loss was also complicated by the fact that the supplements was not suitable also. What I do know is the bottle of recommended doses, are in fact arbitrary, I know because I helped one manufacturer of vitamins, "to put anything on" that caused no harm. I give you an example if you buy MSM with smaller dosages from a bottle from one manufacturer it will say something like take 1 to 3 times a day, but if you go to another one with another manufacturer of MSM, it will probably say the same thing! It's quite arbitrary! And the story I give as an example of one lady with hair loss is just one example! So the biochemistry of hair loss is quite complicated, it could be that they are low in sulfur (Cysteine is a component of hair) but also is MSM, it could me that, she's low in hormones, the most common is progesterone. Hair loss is a hit and miss thing, I had one lady who had hair loss purely because of fungus (a resistant one at that), and one with DHT, that causes her hair loss and worked on just Saw Palmetto only, 1000 mg. So some people had their hair mineral analysis done, and some people had their amino acid done, but there was a pattern, but the pattern of hair loss cause is many. So I gave it my best shot, given limited information!

So if there is anything I might add to "my" regimen, it is Acetyl Carnitine (400 mg x 2), Alpha Lipoic Acid, (100 mg x 3), taurine (1000 mg x 5), MSM (1000 x 5), CoQ10 (400 mg x 3), is a minimum. It takes about 3 week for the hair to respond to it. That means hair loss should be noticed in the 3 weeks. If not, it is the dosages for your missing some vital ingredients such as silica, in form of sodium silicate, 5 drops a day. Is an example. Yes there are hair doctors who had great success, but its temporary resorting to mostly finasteride, etc and the effects are temporary, that means that if you stop, the hair start falling off again.

Most of the people that come to see me are more serious diseases (cancer, ALS, Parkinson, arthritis, Dengue fever, etc), which I view as easier then hair loss. The more serious disease is easier because the cause is known, but the authorities pretend they don't. If you wanted me to give a shot and figure out hair loss that identified one substance, it would have to be this:

CoQ10 400 mg x 3 or 4

It is to be taken internally as well as hair preparations made from CoQ10 and the other one Alpha Lipoic Acid and Acetyl L Carnitine. These two substances have remarkable regenerative properties, like stem cells. But I suspect that Cysteine (N Acetyl Cysteine) and Taurine has something to do with it, but I don't have enough people who visited me to make that conclusion, not like the other conditions.


08/01/2011: Anonymous replies: "since I have been rubbing oil of oregano, tee tree and lavender on my bald spots in my head they have gotten bigger. Is it something im doing wrong? Should I not leave the solutions on overnight or not use them often? Please advise my remedies for me. Thank you so much"

08/02/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Rubbing oil of oregano, tee tree and lavender on my bald spots in my head they have gotten bigger.

Oregano is too strong. Tea tree oil and lavender is more safer to use, but I do receive reports of both positive and negative for tea tree. My guess, is that I would be safer to discontinue the remedy and try saw palmetto and natural progesterone cream first as the bald spots could not have been fungus as the cause. The progesterone cream is applied lightly once every other day, any part of the body say just the face and it will reach the area. Saw palmetto blocks DHT and should prevent hair loss this way and one more 400 mg x 3 for CoQ10 orally or we used CoQ10 300 mg applied to the hair overnight. I would try this for one week to two weeks to see if there is any reduction in hair loss. Hair loss is complicated by the fact that you have to understand the cause first. Is it fungus? It suppose to itch if so. Is it hormonal? That depends on your age. Are you weak? That you would use Q!0 Is your sugar levels higher then average? above 100 mg/dL would be high. Is it a deficiency? Common ones are tin, and vitamin C, or even low DHEA. Getting hormones check will tell a story of your body also.


08/02/2011: Anonymous replies: "I only tried oregano because it was best at stopping my itching on the spot, but I will stop the oils and try the cream. I will discontinue the oils directly to scalp and try progestrone cream! I have always wanted to try this cream because I really do belive my condition is more so hormonal. I just turned 34 in june and since I turned 32, my menstruals are more lengthy and heavy. It also tends to come when it wants now verse my usual 28day cycle. Sometimes 28 day cycle sometime 24DAY, sometimes 7day bleed sometimes 10 day, 8 or 9 and it was always 5days until I turned 32. Also my breast are always tender especially my left breast which is larger than the right. But lately my left breast have been very swollen. It's not accompanied by a fever so i dont think its infection but i do have cysts that doctors say i can ignore since they are very small. I just really feel my breast issue is hormonal too. overall my breast have grown in size and fullness, then the hair thinning then I also have nipple hair, a few chin hairs and chest hairs! Sounds manly but I am a very beautiful young lady, and only 10lbs overweight but i just belive my hormones are out of wack. So there you have it! I just wanted to give you a run-down of what Im going through so you can have a better idea to help me. I only want to take a natural approach to my health from now on if i can.

Ok so natural progestrone cream, used lightly anywhere on my body every other night for how long? and do i use the cream during mentrual??"

08/03/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Menstrual cycle comes regularly if women has normal progresterone levels is one issue. If there is excess DHT (Dehydrotesterone), and I give them saw palmetto that causes menstrual period to also occur regularly.

The cyst has an interesting take in medical science much of it, at least the most recent research is that nanobacteria which attract calcium which causes cysts. The nanobacteria can be weakened by just EDTA, but if serious then it needs tetracycine HCl before sleep. I have one of my client who has calcified heart and he had endless operations of removal and bypass, that it gets the point there's no bypass area left, and he took basically EDTA (my dosages are smaller about 200 mg x 3) and tetracylcine for a month. After a month his heart was fine, no need for operation.

Calcification by my classification, whether cysts or any form of in area of kidney, heart, cysts, and other area are the same except the stones can be of different types, calcium oxalates, calcium phosphates, uric acid, which reflects excessive phosphate, oxalic rich foods (spinach, etc.) The treatment is basically EDTA being the simplest, for most cyst. There is also the use of just tiny amount of gallium nitrate say, 100 mg to 500 mg per liter of water as a slow way of getting rid of it without excessive astringent effect of the mouth. George Eby has a different take, he uses 1% gallium nitrate solution and it way faster, but it causes side effects with some people. The best way if those three things sound unnatural, which is tetracycline HCl, gallium nitrate, or EDTA, then there is potassium citrate and sodium citrate taken together, after meals at 1/8 teaspoon each twice a day after meals, preferably before sleep and after dinner. Citrates as a weak chelator of calcium and also it alkalizes. Again cysts are caused by some imbalances of diet, e.g. too much of uric, phosphates (in meat products) and oxalates (beets, pursane, rhubarb, spinach, chard, etc.) but also nanobacteria. That causes later in life cysts, tumors. bone growth (or spurs), and others. So it just the shape of things to come. If they happen to come, it is not likely they will go away until some change in diets are needed also.

Ok so natural progestrone cream, used lightly anywhere on my body every other night for how long? and do i use the cream during menstrual??

Yes natural progesterone cream lightly on body, overnight. It is used during non menstrual period because estrogen and progesterone are at the lowest during these time. But what is interesting is DHT (dehydrotestosterone) is suspected to cause delayed menstrual period, that I know from feedback of my clients, and if anything be taken during or around menstrual period then it's got to be DHT blockers, such as saw palmetto, but there are others. Boron is also low for people with hormonal also, usually from excess exposure of fluorides (toothpaste and water supply) and boron gets rid of it, a clue for this is inability to sleep as pineal gland accumulates fluoride, and excess pineal doesn't function, and you can't go to sleep, since pineal is the ones that control melatonin, which effects sleep.

If the swelling of breast two things that help is probably progesterone but also stay away from sugar is one and that's in fruits and fructose especially. High fructose is obviously avoided, and sugar.


08/03/2011: Anonymous replies:"Ok so in conclusion for now I will try the natural progestrone cream, EDTA, CoQ10 50mg, burdock root pills, MSM, Taurine 500mg, lysine 500mg, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Zinc, kelp and I also take Wobenzyme PS. Tell me what you think of my remedy or tell me if i should take out something or add something from below.

I have cut out Oregano pills (for candida), flax pills, vit C, Vit A, Vit E, Manganese, Magnesium, liquid Chlorophyll , liquid photoplankton, and NKO neptune krill oil. I felt I was taking too much, but from all of these herbs I have, PLEASE tell me what to take and what not!"

08/04/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Yes, definitely. Sugar is also responsible for accelerated aging too, it's called glycation. Since sugar destroys organs by glycation it then becomes a hormonal issue, as glands don't function is sugary environment. The worse is commercially prepared fruit juices and sweetened green tea, which contains even worse the high fructose corn syrup. Canned foods disrupts hormones as nearly all (that's 90%) contains estrogen containing bisphenol A, which is the plastic lining found in all canned products.

flax pills, vit C, Vit A, Vit E, Manganese, Magnesium, liquid Chlorophyll , liquid photoplankton, and NKO neptune krill oil. I felt I was taking too much, but from all of these herbs

Flax oil. I prefer hemp oil as it has essential fatty acids in proper portion, but that is taken only once a week, and 500 to 1000 mg.

Manganese is helpful for hair loss, but in supplement forms calcium, magnesium stearate and other additives prevent their absorption. I would not take manganese aspartate form, but the other forms are ok but I doubt it is effective as they keep adding these fillers.

liquid Chlorophyll this one help blood I know not because of theoretical grounds that it appears to be similar to hemoglobin but I seen people with anemia becoming normal in 2 to 3 weeks. So there is some value there. I would much prefer a more direct form, blood soup. Which are basically cubes of chicken blood , or pork's blood prepared in soup form, of course that's for serious anemia.

Liquid phytoplankton, is ok if you want to take.

NKO (Krill oil) is expensive option for non related to your hair, and it's taken too much. It causes weight gain and has improper essential oils mixture. I prefer 500 mg to 1000 mg weekly dose only and has nothing to do with hair loss, unless you have weight loss or omega 3 deficiencies.


08/04/2011: Anonymous replies: "Ok, I understand, so what about the other herbs ....burdock root pills, MSM, Taurine 500mg, lysine 500mg, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Zinc, kelp in pill form and I also take Wobenzyme PS. are these ok, do you recommend or no?"

08/05/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "There is one thing that's important for hair growth, N Acetyl Cysteine since a large component if hair is cysteine. As for burdock, msm, taurine, zinc kelp and wobenzyme is ok for hair loss but there are exceptions as follows:
1. Lysine you need 2000 mg a day. That's 500 mg x 4
2. Acetyl Carnitine at least 1000 mg.
3. zinc in form of zinc acetate or zinc gluconate, other forms I don't use, for different reasons. However too much zinc is what I fear, as it causes hair loss. The usual dose I used is 25 mg once a week, and for those that take everyday, if their scalp is oily only. 4. Kelp is fine any amount under normal consumption patterns of course.
5. Wobenzyme PS, well that may help circulation of the scalp. but more times per day is needed.
6. Taurine that has worked against hair loss is somewhat high range of 5000 mg a day, divided doses of course, for one person that work. That was my experience, but everybody needs are different, perhaps less. However this particular person got amino acid blood analysis and it showed that taurine is low and it only responded to 1000 mg x 5.
7. MSM the dose that worked was 1000 mg x 5, but that person also was tested for sulfur in his body and it proved to be too low and responded only when dosage is increase, again everybody is different.
8. N Acetyl cysteine and Cysteine, the main component of hair is cysteine. Garlic is high in cysteine, and supplement was N Acetyl cysteine safe dose is 250 mg x 2, and perhaps cysteine is 1000 mg x 4.
9. CoQ10 need a minimum of 400 mg x 3 for 30 days for hair loss to respond, again this is from experience of one person who responded.
10 CoQ10 hair treatment. You can apply CoQ10 directly to the bald spots for hair treatment, for at least 30 minutes is my best estimates to the scalp.

If a person are hypothyroid and has hair loss, then were looking at taking some NATURAL thyroid extract and tyrosine. Without proper amino acid/ mineral profiling (hair mineral analysis) where just shooting darts here using solely information based on symptoms. But since some items was purchased, then its fine. There is some popularity of forskolin in stimulating hair growth.

There are many nutrients for hair but I will look at CoQ10, Quercetin and B3 (niacinamide) as my general treatment for hair growth overall for the reason it is involved in mitochrondrial biogenesis so some element of stimulating properties is evident.