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Swift, Unexplained Hair Loss

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 10/09/2011

Hi Ted, I have been suffering from hair loss for the last 2 years. The hair loss has been occurring from the front and top of my scalp. The hair loss is patchy and is becoming more visible.The most significant hair loss has occurred at the front but even the hair loss on the top is becoming noticeable. My hairline and temples have not changed. I had a hair analysis done (hair from the front and top were analyzed). According to the report, out of 10 hair samples, the roots of 4 samples were damaged while the shafts of 6 hair samples were damaged. It also said that none of the hair samples were in the telogen phase.

Most of the hair that falls out is attached to a hard white substance (at the root) which i can pull out. The bulb is always located inside this white substance. Sometimes there are 2 or 3 strands of hair attached (at the roots) to a single white substance. I have been trying to determine what the white substance is and believe that it is a sebum plug. My hair also gets greasy in 2 days. Everyday i notice some hair on my pillow and in the shower. It seems like the roots of the hair have been weakened due to which they keep falling out. I notice some hair fall every time i run my hands through my head. The hair in the front of my scalp looks more weak and brittle than the rest. I always notice clusters of hair in the front. Some of them have roots, while the others look like they are broken segments of hair.

I have checked my ferritin levels, TSH levels and blood sugar. There were no problems in any of them. My scalp is pretty clean, there is no dandruff, irritation or itching. I have used anti dandruff shampoos like head and shoulders, nizoral, a shampoo containing salicyclic acid. None of them have seemed to work. I had also used ACV, castor oil and jojoba oil for a few days but i did not notice any significant difference.

I am desperate to stop the hair fall and would be really grateful for any suggestions.

Sincerely, Anonymous

Replied by Tika
Ottawa, Ontario/canada

This looks to me like testosterone problem. Did you check your tost levels?

Replied by Smoky
Central Pa, Pa

Anonymous, please go and get yourself some Absorbine Junior. I found it online and it's also at some agriculture supply places. They sell it for horses. I have some of the same symptoms as you and I started applying this at night (it's strong smelling). I've been using it on my scalp for about a month now and my scalp has changed in a big way. I also see some new hair growth in the front! I don't know if it will continue but I hope you give this a try. Please let us know how you make out! Good luck!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
391 posts

One of the areas I have poor success is with hair loss, I have greater success in cancer. The reason why is that hair loss is a hormonal disorder with some past usages of accutane, which is isoretinoin. Even if one doesn't take it presently it has long term effects. The other problem is the common zinc acetate and some vitamin A deficiency, which if you do have deficiency causes excess oils or sebum before a hair loss is underway. The reason why I don't have success is simply, most supplements add calcium in their additives that are not required by law to label it but blocks zinc absorption. The other remedy for hormonal disorder related to hair loss, is saw palmetto 1000 mg x 3 times a day, ginseng extract 2 times a day, and fo-ti (in U.S the call it that but is shou wu) taken 500 mg x 2, is the supplement. The lower superoxide dismutase is implicated in hair loss, and you can take jiaogulan to raise that (amongst other things that can also), these so far have the greatest success, despite their low rates, but to be truthful, all hair loss products out there don't work and have a lower success rates than this! CoQ10 applied topically may help, but is more helpful in gray hairs, but it may help some hair loss. Vitamin C is probably the easiest, but is taken 500 mg x 6, for an entire month for it to have any dent on the hair loss. Manganese sulfate also helps my friend with hair loss problems, but is taken 25 mg to 50 mg for two or three weeks.


Replied by Desperatelyseekingmyhairback
Tampa, Fl

Hi Ted, I am a 31 year old female who has been on a quest to get my hair back. Growing up I always had alot of hair. It was fine textured but I had alot of strands. If you ask me what prompted my hair loss, I would say when I stopped using BCP (Yasmin). This was at least 10 years ago. But I have to say that within the last 10 years I've watched my hair go from a soft curly texture to a dry, brittle and dull texture. It is also much thinner. I recently shaved my head to start over the process to see if that would help. I've had blood work done so many times, testing hormones, thyroid, iron levels, you name it. You guessed it, they all came back normal. I've taken probably every supplement under the sun (Saw Palmetto, Hair skin & Nails, Biotin, Zinc, Vitamin C, B3, 5 and 12, Vitamin D and the list goes on.

My hair loss still continues. Its been almost a year since I've shaved my hair and it seems like it has barely grown any. Before it was the hair shaft that seem drastically thinner than usually. So I started using home remedies of putting raw eggs and coconut oil on my hair and sitting under the dryer weekly. That really helped with thickening up the shaft of my hair but didn't help with stopping the shedding. So now when I look at the roots of my hair, it looks relatively thinner at the roots of my hair shaft than the middle and ends. I've had a scalp biopsy and numerous blood test. Even a Hair analysis, that came back and said I had SHS (short hair syndrome) I've always had long hair down my back and hair loss doesn't exist in my family. What's even more crazy is that I am unusually hairy on other parts of my body, aka arms, legs middle of my back. I am at a loss right now, not sure what to do. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Sherry