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Dandruff with Hair Loss

Posted by Y (New York) on 04/30/2007

Hello Ted, I am a female from North India, living in NY from last 3 yrs. My problem is Dandruff and hair fall. I get lot of itching because of dandruff which is accompanied with hair loss. I think i am having some infection on my scalp because i am also having dandruff in the form of small balls and sort of acne on my scalp. My scalp is oily. I am taking ACV daily (once diluted with water) from last one month. I am also applying ACV on my scalp which seems to increase my itching. Please suggest me something which can stop my hair fall and cure my infection.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Most Indians who I helped from extreme dandruff and itchiness, often lived in either Europe, England, or New York. The issue seems to be a vitamin D deficiency due to dark skins filtering out vitamin D. The remedy is to take about 20 pills of cod liver oil, which has some vitamin D3, or about 20,000 i.u. of vitamin d3 for about a month. It takes about 2 week to notice result. Usually tea tree oil is applied overnight, and shampooing is done with either a mild soap, no shampoos, or the use of borax solution being the best overall remedies to rid of dandruff. Other supplements supportive, is omega 3, fish oil, evening primrose oil, vitamin A (25,000 i.u.), vitamin E (at least 200 i.u.) each taken about 1000 mg for only a couple of days out of a week. Tea tree oil should help the most as well as the vitamin D content in the cod liver oil, but plenty must be taken to get to the level of at least 10,000 i.u. As you know there is very little vitamin D in a cod liver oil. Apple cider vinegar alone will cause rash, it is the baking soda when pH is neutralize that can help the most. In case some people do have problems with apple cider vinegar despite adding baking soda to neutralize it and still have problems, then just use white vinegar with baking soda to neutralize the acidity might help too.To deal with oily scalp, taking a twice weekly zinc gluconate for a couple of weeks at 50 mg should reduce the oily scalp. Usually, excess oils is due to zinc deficiency. The other secondary cause is magnesium and vitamin B complex deficiency.