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Doses to Increase Daimeter of Hair?

Posted by L on 03/10/2007

Hi Ted, ... I'm 40 years old (but look about 23 according to friends and strangers alike). Anyway, about 3 years ago I noticed that my hair was thinning. I was losing more than what I consider the acceptable norm in the shower and was very concerned. However, I was experiencing a lot of stress and attributed the loss to that. Soon after doctors discovered I had an abdominal tumor as well as fibroids, which had been causing excessive blood loss and my iron levels were nearly nonexistent. I have since gotten my iron back to normal, but my hair did not improve. In fact, it has gotten worse. My gynecologist said that there is no relation to the surgery because she left my ovaries, but uterus has hormones, too. I have been to a couple of dermatologists, but I knew more about trichology than they did! I just need help! I have examined my scalp and most pores have hair coming out, but it is thinner in diameter than normal, soft and fine. My ponytail is less than half the diameter it used to be. It has not been for lack of trying, but I do not know what to do. I read your website last night and felt hope for the first time in over a year. I have been using emu oil on my scalp with minimal success. I think it helped grow some hair, but like I said it is very fine, not like it used to be. Also, sometimes my scalp itches like mad. I have recently started using Nizoral shampoo and that helped a lot, but it still itches at the front and crown sometimes. I resist the urge to scratch as I know that will cause the hair to come out. I take Green Tea (about 5 months), Lysine (about 4 months), Biotin (4 months). If it's doing anything, it's just slowing the progression, not changing the pattern. I'm so frustrated that I sometimes just sit and cry. So far, no one knows but me, but if this keeps up, I'll have no hair. today, I am getting the apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, borax, manganese, and evening primrose oil capsules. Ted, I know that you are probably overwhelmed with emails, but could you please suggest some doses or tell me what I need to do to increase the diameter of my hair? I don't think traditional medicine is helpful, but natural cures probably work best... I mean how many bald Native Americans or Chinese do you see?! Anything you tell me to do, I will do. Thank you and I await your response.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Most native American and Chinese urinary pH, tends to be more alkaline than the Westerners eating Standard American Diet. Alkalinity dilates capillary circulation and helps hair growth. Basically try out 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus one lime, taken 3 times a day. The hair thinning as I later found out has a lot to do with the body's ability to produce nitric oxide. If you ever bother to check urinary pH, taking enough baking soda to get it to a reading of 7 helps. Also raising the body's nitric oxide through supplements of L-arginine, especially L-citrulline helps a lot. Those tend to increase the hair diameters. Thicker hair is due to many deficiencies, such as vitamin B5, and B8 also. B5 pathenol, is important for skin, hair and nails and those that I take is 500 mg, and B8 inositol is about 500 mg also. Sodium ascorbate is the real issue not the iron that you are having problems since it is the vitamin C that increases iron's utilization, bioavailability, and absorption. Take those at about 1000 mg a day. The itchiness should be greatly help with tea tree oil you are using.

It would seem that itchiness is a clue to the thinning of hair. Itchiness often occurs when the biochemicals in your body goes against yourself, or that capillaries are constricted causing accumulation in fungus. Nizoral has helped primarily because it is antifungal. But what is the biological terrain of the blood that is supporting the fungus growth? Namely constricted capillaries due to lack nitric oxide. Acidity and lack of bicarbonates. Fungus growth are encourage by high blood sugar, so reducing any sweets is an important fact, which includes sugar, fruit juices, honey. Acid forming food bread and white flour are quite acid forming. Chromium and borax, for example prevents further fungus growth, but then so does molybdenum (sodium molybdate) and tungsten (sodium tungstate). Both molybdenum and tungsten are somewhat synergistic with these too. Perhaps shampooing in a 1% hydrogen peroxide solution, which quite often causes the itchiness to go out quite quickly. Do not exceed the 1% concentration. Ideally, it is between 0.5 to 1% concentration. Application directly using plain vinegar to itchy scalps really help, but then so does Apple cider vinegar. Those have antifungal properties but you must leave it on long enough for vinegar solution such as at least 15 minutes. Some are so desperate the leave it overnight. For hydrogen peroxide you leave it on the hair only about 2-3 minutes would be more than sufficient.

Hair thinning this could be also lack of body's hormones. What is causing the lack of body's hormones? Basically stir fried food, oily foods, vegetable oils, and other similar conditions cause the body to increase in free fatty acids, which is actually a free radicals, but it also blocks body's natural hormones, causing an immune suppression.

Just remember that most people with hair loss have a mineral deficiency of vitamin C, zinc, and manganese being the major ones. Iodine also helps a lot, but I prefer the colorless iodine, which is actually a mixture of sodium iodide and potassium iodide in a water solution. It can be applied to the scalp or taken internally. Hair thinning is often bought on by hypothyroidism so if your body's temperature is below normal than iodine and hair thinning might be one of the problems.

In some instances I have found an increased trend of people's hair loss bought on by heavy metals. So chinese parsle coriander and oil pulling should do the job.

Many think that cysteine might detoxify heavy metals and also help in hair growth. I disagree, I think it is the N Acetyl Cysteine, taken at 500 mg seems to reduce both mercury and possibly other heavy metals an it is more bioavailable.

One interesting example that had nothing to do with deficiencies are of people of Southern India, regularly used coconut oil to eat and applied to their hair had a lot thicker hairs than people who live in Northern India because of that.

Even certain doctors medication such as Minoxidil is found to increase in hair diameter, but then so does nitric oxide promoters, such as L Citrulline, borax, and even zinc.

As you can see it is quite difficult to tell you all the possible causes of hair thinning. But those mentioned here should at least be a start.