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Itchy Scalp, Thinning Hair

Posted by Thinning Hair (Anonymous) on 11/07/2011

Dear Ted, I am currently experiencing an itchy scalp with associated hair loss and thinning. The thinning seems to be fairly uniform over my entire scalp, not pattern baldness.

I was wondering if you could help me or have any suggestions as to what I could do to get my hair back. I look forward to your reply. Many thanks!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Well, if you have AN itchy scalp that would be your most likely culprit. I usually will try something that kills the fungus by assuming a deficiency in those supplements. Those supplements that are also anti fungal but at the same time are needed by the hair are chromium, copper (some), MSM, N acetyl cysteine, boron and B3 niacinamide. Those are commonly taken orally. But there are a few surprises the B3 niacinamide solution say 10% or 20% solution is applied to the head overnight, mixed with borax say 5% and rinse in morning. This is just to get rid of itchiness but there are a few exceptions, if the area is bald, the hair will grow and bumps will appear, these will become new hairs, which will make it itchy.

Most of the problems of generally thin hair in general has something to do with blood supply reaching the area not enough, and you get general thinning, from lack of exercise, too acidic foods, such as wheat, and other acid forming foods. To help blood flow, citrulline and lysine are taken at 1000 mg arginine to 2500 mg lysine, twice times a day should be enough, and N acetyl cysteine 500 mg x 2, and MSM 500 x 3, The cysteine and MSM are important components of hair and that could also be responsible for thinning. The citrulline is a form that produces Nitric oxide, that is better then arginine and this is why it is used to get circulation up. Lysine is to balance the components. Soy milk if sugar is below 4% is used also as a drink to help hair as well as whey protein, as it contains cysteine. The garlic is another source of cysteine, that may be grated, or chopped and taken with food.


Replied by Sahar
Denver, Nc, Usa

I have a same problem as you do. I moved to a place that has mold I started losing hair on my eyebrows, eye lash and scalp. Did you move to a new place? did your hair loss got better after moving? please reply thanks Sahar.