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Carbonated Beverages and Hair Loss

Posted by David (Cartersville, Georgia ) on 02/19/2009

Greetings from Georgia USA! You mentioned that coke causes hair loss because of the acid content. I am trying to lose my addiction to coke. Currently I am drinking "organic" cola from Whole Foods which has no caffeine and no phosporic acid, and no high-fructose-corn-syrup. It does have pure cane sugar and tartaric acid. Do you know if tartaric acid causes hair loss? Does caffeine cause hair loss? Also, I know you have said many times sugar is bad for folks, but you meant the processed sugar, not pure cane sugar or xylitol, or stevia, correct? Sincerely yours, David

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Tartaric acid is organic acid found in grapes, tamarinds, wine and banana. Basically it's acid, so it helps that some baking soda is taken to neutralize whenever the body metabolizes them which eventually will become more acid. Usually acid, caffeine, and sugar are not helpful to hair loss. Caffeine and sugar are acid forming.

The issue of hair loss is a long story altogether. It can be initiated due to hormonal disorder, deficiency in certain minerals such as copper or zinc, as well as opportunistic fungus of the scalp. Excessive oily scalp indicates the body might have zinc deficiency, or an androgen deficiency. A boron supplements (usually from borax) and magnesium may help balance some hormonal imbalance. Obviously taking excessive DHEA, estrogen and other hormonal supplements may result in hair loss too. On the other hand, the lack of growth hormone due to lack of sleep can also initiate a hair loss as growth hormones are produced during the night in deep sleep without lighting so that melatonin production is normal. A very simple remedy for hair loss that may work in some cases are taking of vitamin C, but a more difficult one might even require borax shampooing instead of the use of ordinary shampoo as borax is antifungals. This is why coal tar, sodium selenate, copper peptides (more like copper chloride reacted in soy sauce) and other medications for hair happens to be antifungal that were used to help hair loss. Borax is much simpler, but is not well known. It's quite possible to make many other formulations to stop hair loss, but it's difficult to find materials is the most common of all problems I encountered with people trying to use the remedies.

One possible way to reduce addiction to cola, a substitute to try is just lemon juice with water (to dilute sourness), salt and a reasonable pinch of baking soda to get the fizz is my favorite way to avoiding colas. Notice I avoided sugar here also and use water instead to reduce the sourness as well as some baking soda, and salt to give it more rounding off flavor. Obviously, I am going to use sea salt, as opposed to table salt. Sugar is not helpful for hair loss as bacteria tends to feed on it, which worsens the hair loss.


02/23/2009: David replies, "Ted, Thank you for the quick reply. On Angela of Brooklyn and Martha of Ontario both said 1 or 2 tablespoons each of Apple Cider Vinegar and Blackstrap Molasses plus a certain amount of Club Soda(Mineral Water) tastes as good or better than coke! I will try your recommendation as well as their recipe. As far as I know mineral water is not bad for health."

02/23/2009: Ted replies, "If a sugar content is around 1.5% of any drinks, it won't have effect on blood sugar at all since a urinary sugar averages roughly in that region. Most soft drinks has sugar content around 15%. So two tablespoon of black strap mollases has 29.6 cc per 250 cc of glass of water, will get you 11.6% mollases content. A sugar content of blackstrap mollases is roughly 50-55%. This means roughly 5.8% sugar content is the average mix for mollasses with two tablespoons in a glass of 250 cc of water.

So this means, that 29.6 cc (let's say its 30 cc to be simple) of the sugar content is roughly 15 cc. Therefore to get the concentration to exactly 1.5% without raising the body's blood sugar, 2 tablespoon of blackstrap mollasses is mixed in 1 liter of drinking water. This concentration if it won't raise the blood sugar, won't have a negative effect from the consumption of blackstrap mollasses' sugar.


Replied by Theo
Ottawa, ON

Hi Ted,

You talked about copper and zinc for hair loss. My blood tests have shown my copper to be extremely high and I am losing hair quite fast. How do I bring my copper levels down?

Thanks in advance!


Replied by Tj
Ec, Nc

I read that Zinc will deplete copper. You may be low on zinc, is that so?