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Severe Hair and Eyebrow Loss

Posted by SRT on 09/28/2007

I am 32 yrs female from India We moved to USA in 2005 and since then I have been losing hair continuously, but in the past 6 months it became severe My Scalp and my neck and chin are itching So, I went to a General Physician and she told me, that I have a hypothoroid She gave me levothyroxine 100mcg, which I used it for 3 weeks. During that period I felt restlessness, short breath, weight gain and fatigue After 3 weeks use of levothyroxine, she confirmed that my thoroid levels are improved and she recommended to use the 125 mcg Because of the side effects that I have seen as I said above, I have stopped using the medicine. After a little research in internet, I found the herbal medicine "Thyroid Support" from Gia's Herbs and I have started using this.

From past one week again the itching raised on scalp, chin and neck And I am not finding anything different on itching parts and it doesn't showup any redness, marks It looks like normal I started applying the essential oils (teatree, lavendar, rosemary and neem) again on itching parts But, there is no result And I almost lost all my eyebrows Past two days, I am following one of your suggested remedy (ACV, lime and backing soda) for itching Sofar, I am not feeling any relief.

Later I have seen a holistic specialist and she collected hair samples for TissueMineralAnalysis and we are yet to see the reports. And she said, she won't be able to say anything for itching until she see the reports.

Could you please help me by suggesting any kind of remedy to improve my eyebrow regrowth and hair regrowth.

And also, I am wondering, Whether you can suggest any remedies if I sent you the copy of hair analysis report. Thanks

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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A thyroid problems might be cause whenever heavy metals block normal functions, halogens are high (fluoride, chlorine for example competes against the iodine), mycoplasma which may bring about improper glandular functions.

To stop the hair loss, in this instances, I might consider taking some 25 mg of manganese supplements, and should be chewed, grounded or powdered and mixed with water taken on an empty stomach either in the form of manganese sulfate, or chelated manganese. That seemed to help several cases of hair loss I have seen most effectively. A more immediate remedy is a 1% hydrogen peroxide applied to the area which is suffering hair loss.

The peroxide is a penetrant and may help kill the fungus that may lead to hair loss. However, vitamin C sodium ascorbate 1000 mg helps too and are also synergistic with the manganese.

Those are the simple remedies I would concentrate on first and if that doesn't work, just tell me.

Replied by Lynn
GR, Mich

I am experiencing the same problems. I have fluorinated/chlorinated water and copper pipes and wondering it that's the problem. My hair has been falling out for a few years now and recently becoming rather thin as well as my eyebrows. I want to try using Borax and when you say 1% hydrogen peroxide, is it mixed to that percent or can you buy it already at that. I only have the normal peroxide commonly found that contains stablizers-will that work? Or should I look for another type? I am also going to get some EVCO and mangnese and other supplements you mentioned to see if that stops the hair loss, dryness and thinning.