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Natural Remendy for Hair Fall?

Posted by M on 07/18/2007

Hi there i am a 22 year old woman .. and i still have fairly healthy hair .. i know for a fact that it has been thinning out over the years. i know that styling and blow drying as well as coloring and bleaching play a huge roll in damaging hair folicles, but there are alot of ppl that do not have this problem and bleach their hair all the time. i am a strong believer that a woman's hair is her crown .. but if the hair falls out than the whole face is altered. when i was younger i had a FULL head of hair and is now half of that. this scares me a whole deal because i have heard after having kids ur hair falls out even more... im afraid if that happens i would be close to bald!! PLEASE if you know of a natural remedy for this like using ACV or somethign else let me know and i will follow it religiously and let you guys know the progress. step by step instructions and amounts would be greatly appreciated!! thank you so much!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear M: After pregnancy a woman's body is depleted usually of minerals and to certain extent the vitamins. The most common minerals and vitamins that I found to be deficient in the order of importance (subjected to change as new information arrives):

1. Manganese
2. Molybdenum
3. Zinc
4. Magnesium
5. Silicon
6. Copper
7. Iodine (vitamin A is synergistic with iodine for the thyroid function)
8. Boron

The two vitamins I found to be frequently low is the vitamin Bs where ocassionally it is taken and vitamin C sodium ascorbate or rose hips are frequently taken.

The dose for manganese (manganese sulfate or chelated amino acid manganese) is between 25-50 mg/day for only a couple of days. The problem about manganese I have seen is that the tablet form should be grounded and mixed in water AND TAKEN ON AN EMPTY STOMACH.

In my experience manganese is synergistic with vitamin C. So usually vitamin C sodium ascorbate is taken in the morning 1000 mg, then an hour later manganese 25-50 mg is taken hours later.

The vitamin C enchances manganese absorption and bioavailability. Both of these supplements vitamin C and manganese do almost stop the hair loss either within 24 hours or within a week, assuming others were not considered. This usually covers roughly a majority of the cases of hair loss. The supplements I prefer those were taken only 3-4 days out of a week. Generally the vitamin C, vitamin B complex, and manganese should cover most of the hair loss problems relating to DEFICIENCY.

In event of a hormonal imbalance, certain minerals and alkalization can take care of that. This is the boron (from borax 1/16 teaspoon, in a liter of water, once a week), magnesium citrate (or magnesium gluconate) 250 mg/day taken only 5 days out a week, iodine (either once a week iodine foot painting) or kelp. Iodine supplements support glandular functions and not just the thyroid gland. The same can be said for boron supplements also. Glandular function and usually the immune systems are lowered whenever the body's antioxidant levels are low, and can be increased through zinc, copper, molybdenum, vitamin C and vitamin E. Molydenum are commonly ignored mineral but relates to the body's antioxidant through the superoxide dismutase involved in reducing free radicals.

If Zinc deficiency is at issue, the most telling signs are acne, oily scalp or catching colds easily or difficult to recover from colds. Those are generally taken at 50 mg of zinc gluconate once or twice a week.

Vitamin B's you can tell if it relates to issue that you can't eat, or lack in energy. Those are usually taken about twice a week until the conditions go a way.

Silica rarely relates to hair loss, but they do happen in event of hair thinning and then they begin to fall off.

If hair thinning or tightness of the scalp, those might relate to acidosis, if hair loss and constipation is seen. A constipation in my opinion is bowel movement is one a day or less, while an ideal one is twice or three times a day. Usually alkalization will dilate microcapillaries by sweating more and increase the circulation not just the scalp but the entire body. The remedy I prefer is the 8 teaspoon of lemon juice plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day, for only 5 days out a week. The body for some reason needs at least a 2 day rest otherwise the body's biochemical balances may be detoxifying too quickly.

To keep things simple, it is manganese, vitamin C, vitamin B, molybdenum, magnesium, alkalization and zinc if the situation is one due to giving childbirth. The hair loss should stop within a week or so. However, it is the manganese and vitamin C is the most important of all generally speaking.

I would likely to use borax to shampoo my head and not use shampoo for the time being also. Mixing some epsom salt (magnesium sulfate), of a small amount (1% -5%) might also help too as the magnesium's do have some antibiotic properties, while the borax has the antifungal properties.