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Dandruff with Hair Loss

Posted by Y

I applied tea tree oil again. I must say it is helping a lot. I feel when apply tea tree oil, i could not cover whole scalp so my itching remains but the areas i covered are itch free now. Can I continue to use tea tree oil twice a week? But I will use borax also. When you say "borax in 1% hydrogen peroxide solution to wash your hair (no rinsing)" what does no rinsing means? If i am not going to rinse borax with plain water then how its going to come out? I am also confused with lemon and ACV. Should I take lemon with baking soda or lemon with baking soda? Also I have started taking soy milk. I am hoping that soon my hair will stop falling too.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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If your scalp is oily, you have a zinc deficiency which could trigger hair loss. The other one I found is manganese deficiency (after expensive trial and error) can also trigger hair loss too. As to no rinsing, it means you keep it overnight and rinse the next day in the morning. You need not confuse between baking soda and apple cider, or baking soda and lemon. You alternate the use and try one and the other on different days. Soy milk is high in manganese and can help. In case you have low copper, cocoa or black strap molasses can help you as it has both manganese and copper too

Replied by Fletcher

Medicated shampoos for dandruff are not really a solution because after you start using them, you'll have to use them basically all the time.

Try something natural, for normal hair and normal ph. ayurvedic formulas, for sensitive skin, baby shampoos.