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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 11/12/2006 391 posts

This is a response to a question by one of the readers who emailed me as to why iodine is effective against baldness and hair loss. I think I can best answer this because I have some success from using a great many supplements where a hair loss or hair re growth have occurred.

Whether you are talking about iodine, selenium selenite, copper chloride, colloidal copper, tea tree oil, lavender oil, coal tar solution, eucalyptus oil, borax, boric acid, clove oil, camphor, tea tree oil, manganese sulfate, silicic acid, fulvic acid, and a great array of others that I have hair re growth and cured alopecia from 24 hours to 1 month period reported being cured.

The reason why I have employed a great array of cures is people seemed to be desperate to get the hair to regrow and local areas simply do not have the supplements so I simply had to modify the supplements. You might notice something too, how do I managed to know so many supplements? The answer is simple: all of those supplements and more then I am listing here, have anti fungicidal properties - even soy milk - being high in manganese!

Fungus and mycoplasma is probably found to cause hair loss by attacking hair follicles. I have seen person loosing hair after doing some attic work or working in musty high mold environments and within the next day, hair starts falling. Fungus-like organism causes arthritis, in particularly the ligaments, joints, and hard collagens which joins the bones in knees and spinal columns. As such, even my own mother was severely afflicted with arthritis within the next day after she tried to cut trees, bushes, plants of funguses. The cure of course was obvious, application of antifungal oils as mentioned above relieved her pain within a record time of: 5 minutes using just only my first formula, then after modifying it, it relieved in a record time of 2 minutes. The hair loss was seen, but manganese supplementation of that stopped dead in its track within 24 hours.

People do not take seriously how iodine deficiency is so widespread that right now, I am finding chemicals such as bromine, iodine, and the like to find out.

Most people today and throughout the civilized world at least are obese, hypothyroidism, low stomach acid, auto immunity of all kinds of conditions, have low energy levels, high in heavy metals, fungus and mycoplasma is found in so many people (at least 80%) of people who contact me that I don't even care to mention that most of my efforts has been focused on these matters.

One of the causes, could obviously be iodine supplementation, but this cure alone, lies the very heart of the problem.

People who took iodine were found to have other problems after a couple of days and had to stop due to various side effects that other websites don' t even mentioned. So I had to find a way to resolved this problem. The solution lies in the body's natural cycles. This I have found to be something I was looking for for a very long time. I have noticed, regardless of what I do, either EDTA to chelate heavy metals, or chinese parsley to rid of heavy metals, or even taking zinc supplements, they all had a pattern. The pattern is the body needs to repair, but at the same time it needs to relax. This period I calculated to equal approximately 8 days/2 = 4 days period, based on my observation. That means you supplement for 4 days and stopped cold turkey for 4 days. In practice I would vary the period between 3 -4 days. If certain minerals are not serious, or you are deficient, the one week on and one week off would be sufficient. In cases of a child with an autistic condition where heavy metal burden of mercury or aluminum is at risk, then one week on and one week off would do., or in some cases one week on and two week off.

The body obviously need a rest period to detox and get rid of the trash. Let us assuming you are taking iodine supplementation to cure your hair loss, but obviously you are sick from other conditions which clearly points to the fact that you are iodine deficient. Iodine deficiency is easy to see, auto immunity, low stomach acid, lack of energy level, adrenal exhaustion, fungus problems, arthritis (fungus caused, rheumatoid), high cadmium, high mercury, etc. In this case I would hardly recommend you to do an iodine painting continuously! I would just say, take 3 -4 days of iodine painting, on your foot of 3-4 inches in diameter, and do stop cold turkey for the next 3-4 days. On the other hand hair loss, then iodine painting in area of the head might help, which includes ringworm. Often I do not like to recommend the use of both iodine in general for obvious problems of discoloration and not sure whether people WHO DO contact me are in fact iodine deficient, until more information is at hand with the symptoms I have already mentioned.

Today Iodine deficiency is a serious problem which started only about 40 years ago when the food industry (possibly a conspiracy theory or perhaps simple foolishness) switched over the processing of bakery product from the use of iodine to bromine. The problem about bromine is that it causes the iodine to be displaced and this fact is quite well known academically. And as a result, despite adequate iodine in the U.S. people in U.S. displayed remarkable iodine deficiency. This is why when people who contact me I usually advised them to stop eating bread and bakery product. It is not about the flour, it is about the bromine that is added to them that displaces the iodine causing you to be deficient.

So in case you are wondering why iodine restored your hair, iodine kills the fungus and that helps the fungus from eating up the ends of the hair follicle. But the issue goes more than this, fungus EXISTS BECAUSE your body is already high in heavy metals. Without high heavy metals, they die. And one reason WHY your body was high in heavy metals in the first place could come from many things, one of which iodine deficiency reduces your body's ability to rid of heavy toxic metals such as cadmium, mercury, lead, etc. And when these heavy metals are high, they seem to make home by colonization in your various glands, such as thyroid gland, which may bring about hypothyroidism (that and lack of iodine), but in the adrenal, it may create adrenal exhaustion or gradual "moon face" look when you start reaching your 31st birthday, or in the pancreas, the generation of heavy metals causes lack of insulin, and if in the thymus, it creates immune suppression.

The catch-22 situation is once your body is high in heavy metals, it becomes a veritable paradise for fungus, mycoplasma and bacteria with fungal abilities. These need food near the heavy metals and the heavy metals protect themselves from hostile antibiotics. You see antibiotics get destroyed or oxidized in presence of heavy metals. In fact this is a protective shield for these bugs. And you wondered why antibiotics don't work!

Once the fungus starts invading the glands, they become inflamed, and when they do become inflamed, the doctors simplistically remove the gland! An easier and much kinder method would be to remove the heavy metals, kill the fungus, and stop inflammation using simple solutions I mentioned in the above (iodine, lavender, etc. depending on the conditions). And if you are indeed, iodine deficient take iodine painting 3 days on 4 days off about 3-4 inches in diameter on both feet. Of course back in the old days, they take it orally for people with goiter, like 250/mg per day (1819) and it was proven to work quite well. Today we don't do this, since we have somewhat like a "borderline iodine deficiency" where they thyroid don't show up in large sizes. Well this could be that heavy metals might be actually suppressing from showing their sizes so I guess we have to look at other symptoms as well."

2006: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand writes: "My mother has a hair loss, and she is 75 years old. I solved her problem by getting her to take some sodium ascorbate, which is an alkaline form of vitamin C. She takes about 1000 mg. of it. This is just to prevent hair loss.

The second issue is the clogged follicles, you can clear those calcium deposits in the hair follicles somewhat with apple cider vinegar or just vinegar. It smells bad, so you need to do it on your weekends or just make a small diluted ones before sleeping. Use this as a rinse. The suppleness of the scalp will return. If you have an itching fungus issue, this will cause a hair loss. So use a mixture of lavender/tea tree/aloe vera oil mix. An ideal mixture is 10% lavender, 10% tea tree and 80% aloe vera. This applying only once a week on scalp should deal with hair loss from fungus. Leave this overnight. The other thing about baldness, at least in men, I am not sure about woman is the issue of tiny, yet unidentified parasites. These causes patches of baldness also. Once they stay long enough, you will loose hair. You can restore this my rinsing with a 2% sodium perborate solution, or a less effective 5% borax solution. These are just ball park figures, as I never really weighed them or calculated them. However, when you apply these solution, leave them overnight.

In case hair loss are due to skin drying scalp and peeling, than you need an extra large dose of vitamin D, something like 10,000 I.U. up. Not taken everyday, maybe a week or two. Since vitamin D are hard to find, just take a 1-2 tablespoon of cod liver oil, and as an extra dose 1 tablespoon of linseed oil to give certain nutrients the hair needs, essential fatty acids."


12/11/2008: Cici from Winston Salem, NC replies: "I am interested in trying the Borax solution for hair loss but I am not so clear on the directions for the borax treatment. Do I shampoo my hair with regular shampoo first and then do the borax rinse? How do I mix the solution for the borax treatment? What all goes into the treatment and what should I do after I apply the treatment? Do I keep the treatment in overnight or rinse it out the same day? Do I cover my hair with a plastic cap while the treatment is on or leave it exposed to the air?"

12/13/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "The problems about most shampoos sold in the market is that it promotes fungus growth and hence, causes further hair loss. The best way out is not to use the shampoo, but instead used the borax solution as a shampoo itself. Therefore the mix can be prepared at one half tablespoons per liter of warm water. Some may not dissolve, but wait for it to dissolve for about 30 minutes, while shaking or stirring the bottle, before use. Once the borax is washed, we can dry it, but not rinse. Then the next more we can rinse them. It should be noted that the cause of hair loss can also be due to fluoridation and chlorination of water, they tend to reduce the body's growth hormones as certain halogens like these weaken cellular metabolism, especially the glandular system. Therefore it's best to use dechlorinated water. The water can be prepared by adding a dechlorinator available from most aquarium shops as per instructions. I however prefer the use of sodium thiosulfate, which also dechlorinates. The other two common remedy I used is manganese supplements, such as manganese sulfate (preferably chewed or powdered) 25 mg a day for a couple of days, plus vitamin C sodium ascorbate 500-1000 mg. It should be noted that I have recently found a link between chlorine to hair loss from its effect in reduction of the body's growth hormones, fluoridation also has a similar effect, but the effects more on long term hair loss, then anything else. Chlorine has a short term somewhat more dramatic hair loss. Some supplements of boron (or borax) helps too, as is glutamine 4000 mg, niacinamide 500 mg, and glycine 1000 mg before sleep for example, as these tend to increase the body's hormones. I am sure I forgot some other things, but any amino acid that are nitric oxide promoters (as in glutamine) tends to raise growth hormone and reduce hair loss. This is why chemotherapy caused hair loss, it destroys the body's growth hormones and the hair is the first to go."

12/13/2008: Cici from Winston Salem, NC replies: "Thanx Ted! But just to make sure I understand correctly... I should mix the borax with dechlorinated warm water? Just in case I use chlorinated water though, if I use 25 mg of manganese, will the borax treatment still work fine, or do I need to dechlorinate the water and also take the manganese. I went to my local natural store today and purchased 50 mg Manganese tablet. Is this dosage too high and will it be less effective because it is tablet form instead of powder? The container the manganese comes in states that it is an Amino Acid Chelate. Is that ok? I did not mention this before, but I visited a dermatologist about my hair loss and was told that I have Cicatricial (Scarring) Alopecia. I am a diabetic and my dermatologist suspected that my increased sugar levels caused my immune system to weaken and allowed fungus to attack my follicles. In addition, I have developed a toenail infection that may be fungal related. I am not sure if I have an internal fungal take over that is triggering my hair loss and toenail issue. Will your hair loss and toenail remedy do the trick or should I try something else? Do you also have any suggestions for diabetes? I have type 2 diabetes and I'm suppose to take metformin but don't take it out of fear that it will cause other health issues."

12/14/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "A dose between 25-50 mg is quite fine, I tend to mentioned that my dose tends to be on the low side, and hence 50 mg taken over a short time generally wont' cause problems, such as taking over a brief period, 5 days out of a week for a month. I do have some people with psychological problems who took manganese to improve his mood also a brief period not over two or three months at a much larger dose such as 100 mg. so I guess he was lacking in manganese.

A dechlorinated water is preferable when mixing. It's why some cases of hair loss is due to chlorine toxicity. As a proof, some people noticed that taking iodine supplements helped solved their hair loss problem. Obviously, the iodine displaced the excessive chlorine exposure from tap water and that resulted in a iodine deficiency. I would much prefer to try to avoid chlorinated (and fluoridated - about 70% of U.S.water is fluoridated - which is great for birth control, not learning disabilities it creates), and therefore it is easier to deal with toxicity by avoiding rather than getting rid of it. Some drugs does contain fluoride, so I would read the labels, they don't seem to help as they suppress pineal gland function, which is actually a master organ then the pituitary, since it's the pineal that orders the pituitary anyway. Obviously lack of sleep will suppress pineal gland functions in melatonin, so it helps a lot to have normal sleeping times, such as 8 or 9 hours.

An amino acid chelate is also find, but one has to know that they are actually made from amino acid with manganese compound however the problems why supplements in the market don't work as well is it is in tablet form, and the capsule form virtually glue covered the powder preventing absorption. It's best taken in powdered form, but if not possible, then it's grind to powder, or chewed on instead. Many tablets simply don't dissolve in the stomach and this can be shown by seeing whether it completely dissolves itself within 10 minutes or at the most 20 minutes. Some dissolving should be noted within the first 5 minutes, otherwise, it can't reach the body as quickly or not bioavailable due to limited solubility.

Also it's quite common for people to have fungus problem and fungus is often taken over leading to hair loss. Interestingly, manganese control blood sugar. However a person with some form of diabetes other supplements were also considered in my experience. I used chromium chloride, and most forms of chromium works well when I measure the blood sugar. High blood capillaries leads to capillary damage. However the dose to control blood sugar at least for chromium appear to be closer to 1000 - 1500 mcg.

Anyway, I prefer to buy in bulk chemicals for a very good reason: the Codex Alimentarius, which stops the sale of all supplements and natural remedies begin on December 31,2009. So you won't get any more supplements after this date. I haven't followed up Codex Alimentarius, but I do know their estimates for worldwide death is about 3 billion. 2 is from preventable disease like this one. It really helps to go to youtube and educate yourself this codex alimentarius.

Vanadium is the other supplements that does reduce blood sugar, often in the form of sodium vanadate. The one simple one that does help blood sugar is niacinamide 250 mg and the easiest one of all is granulated lecithin, taken before every meal.

If blood sugar is not controlled, then hair loss will occur too, as it tends to lower immunity resulting in fungus takeover causing a hair loss. Other heavy metals may also cause hair loss that I am aware, such as too high arsenic. One of my favorite way in reducing blood sugar and weight loss is 4000 mg of taurine supplements, or roughly 1 teaspoon a day, dissolved in 1/2 or 3/4 glass of water. It has a noticeable effect on fat reduction too, but seems to control appetite, thus lowering the blood sugar from eating less. Blood sugar appears to be important one. A possible substitute for metformin is goat's rue. It works the same way in controlling blood sugar. My personal note is that it seems to reduce too much causing dizziness and other problems taking metformin and as a result I don't take it unless I have no other options - such as when Codex Alimentarius becomes a law. Some background information, from youtube, or some websites are here (sorry off topic! ):

Or some video, google or youtube, We Become Silent, Nutricide, or last half of Ian Crane's Peak oil, and other videos in case one considers planning down the road on health supplements.


Replied by Rene
Frutigen, Switzerland

Hi Ted, I'm a 35yo Male. When I was 17 I had leukemie (i was 1yo in Bed in hospital and got on the hole body strech marks). My hair grow back normally. After I had a radiation from head and my hair fell out again. They grew very very slowly. like 1cm in a whole year.. After slowly the grow normalize but never got a full grow like before.
Over the years my hairs thinned more and more out. I stopped since 7years my hair loss and grew back some hairs. I changed my lifestyle. I have always pimple on back and sometime in face. On my Site and beard I have already lot of white hairs. My headskin is very hard. I guess its fibrosis.

I tryed a lot of Topicals and Supplements and wont give up. I start to take iodine and apply on my feet. And take some Paranuts for Selenium. Look forward for your replay. Thx