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Hair Loss and Itchiness on Scalp

Posted by May (Hong Kong) on 12/08/2006

Ted, I recently moved to Hong Kong from Austin and am experiencing accelerated hair loss. My hair loss already started one year ago but it was gradual. Now it is at an alarming rate! Worst still is the itchiness on my scalp. Been to many dermatologist over the past two years and nothing cures. I travel often, as a result, have lack of sleep and the dry air on planes aggravates my scalp - resulting is more hair loss. Would you kindly recommend?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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To best stop hair loss usually 25-50 mg of manganese sulfate single dose will see results the next day, worse case is taken for three days then stopped. However, applying tea tree oil to the scalp will also stop the problem. Most of the cause for hair loss is quite often fungus problem. Manganese sulfate is taken only internally, while tree tea oil is applied topically. In my opinion, manganese should be taken on empty stomach, which will help absorption and taking plenty of vitamin C in form of sodium ascorbate will help further the manganese absorption. This is just a quick remedy.