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Heavy Metal Chelation for Hair Loss

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 12/17/2011

Hi Ted, I seem to be having patchy areas on the side of my temples and sideburns, and this is actually on both of the sides of my head. Now I still have all my hair follicles on my head, but these areas mentioned, my follicles are very small and don't seem to be growing thicker at all. They seem to be stuck in limbo.

I have done a hair analysis test, which stated that I have high levels of aluminum, barium, cadmium, lead, uranium, and mercury. I have already started to detox and since this is what I believe to be the cause of my patchy hair problem.

I need help on how to make my follicles grow thicker and stronger like the rest of my head? Please advice, as I am desperate. Thank you!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The heavy metals need to be gotten rid of for sure, but I will use N acetyl Cysteine (a precursor of glutathione) and MSM to help get rid of heavy metals, plus plenty of coriander in dishes of soup. Now part of the patchy hair can be due also to fungus helped with niacinamide B3 solution (say 20% niacinamide) applied to the scalp overnight, and perhaps take some selenium to displace the cadmium and taurine to help the excretion of heavy metals. Selenium 200 mcg, and taurine perhaps 2000 mg x 2. Niacinamide maybe taken at night at 500 mg and I have found that humic acid solution 3% mixed in regular water until solution is light brown in drinking water also helps in getting rid of the heavy metals too.