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Hair Shedding Issue

Posted by Anonymous on 09/05/2007

I am a 33 year old female who has always had a full healthy head of hair. Over the past several years, it seems like I "shed" more hairs than usual, but still maintained healthy thick hair (figured shedding was due to stress, etc.). For the last month or so, I have seen a major increase in the "shedding" and can tell that my hair is thinning. I have also realized that I do tend to scratch my head frequently. I have been to my primary care physician twice which he told me to start using a very mild shampoo and don't use products, etc. on my hair, no coloring, etc. (I do have some highlights which I have had for 2 years or so maybe, but not ever noticed a problem).The second time I went to see him, after no product and using baby shampoo, he did a blood test to check thyroid and prescribed cimetidine (spelling??) stating that might help promote stimulation of the hair follicles (or something like that).

That was when I noticed your website. I have since tried the ACV and peroxide solution as well as the tea tree and lavendar oils.The ACV and peroxide seems to sometimes help, but am still losing more hairs than normal when shampooing or combing my hair. I eat relatively well, have started taking vitamins again, and have been very gentle with my hair using no harsh chemicals, etc. As an example, I just gently ran my fingers through my hair and counted 20 hairs in my hands. This doesn't sound like much, but 10 minutes ago, after combing my hair from rinsing with the ACV solution, there were probably at least 100 hairs that came out. This has been happening most days just during one combing and then periodically throughout the day, more come out.I am estimating around150-200 per day, maybe more, depending on if I shampoo or not.

I did wonder if my issue might be hormonal as well since I have noticed an increase in acne. I have taken the same birth control pills for probably 10 years if that makes any difference. How often and for how long should I continue the ACV and peroxide? Do you have any other thoughts or suggestions? Thank you so much for your input.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Anonymous:

Using hormonal birth control pills may result in hairloss as it increases the free radicals in the body byleaps and bounds. Also a hair loss can be initiatedwith mineral deficiency. A sign of acne is anindication of both liver problems due to oils andfats, as well as lack of zinc. So a zinc gluconate 50mg twice a week plus 1000 mg vitamin C taken threetimes a day, and manganese sulfate or chelatedmanganese in case it can't be found about 50 mg takenfor about 3-5 day out of a week. I would prefer tochew or grind the manganese supplements before takingthem so that the body can absorb them as tablet formsof vitamin are not water soluble and the body can'treceived them. Manganese is generally, at least frommy experience best absorbed on an empty stomach.Eating some chinese parsley (coriander) may helpreduce some free radicals caused by the heavy metal.Granulated lecithin one tablespoon taken one a day mayreduce the liver congestion of rancid fats, which may clog the pores. Baking soda 1/4 teaspoon in 1/2 glassof water taken twice a day at the very least will helpthe microcirculation of the scalp. There are manycauses of hair loss, but most frequent ones are thefungus and the mineral and vitamin deficiency. For thefungus, I prefer to use borax added to do shampooingas borax are anti fungal in nature.