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Mold Is Causing Hair Loss?

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 10/23/2011

Hi Ted just want to tell you that for someone to actually take interest in hair loss and research into it Is incredible. I just want to ask you a question on hair loss...

I'm a 21year old male, healthy, always had thick hair. My ferritan levels are fine, hemoglobin is fine, b12 fine, thyroid is fine. I have diffuse hair loss on my scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes. For about 4 - 5 months.

My dermatologist says that it is telogen effluvium caused by excess b5 dosage I was doing in march/April to treat acne. I personally think my hair loss is caused by mold exposure in my bathroom near the shower and the bathroom ceiling as I have other symptoms of mold exposure (itching rectum, eye floaters, a little tired, a little weeziness). All of the hairs I find look like telogen hairs with the white bulb at the root, sometimes I find the hair with some dandruff looking stuff at the root as well.

I use head and shoulders every day as I get slight dandruff without it. I'm getting a skin prick allergy test done next week to test for molds. Just wondering if there's any help you can offer me! I'm desperate if you can't tell. I'm willing to try anything you say. The tin remedy you have talked about sounds interesting?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Given mold exposure combined with chlorinated water, then you have hair loss. There's no such thing as B5 overdose in pubmed search that I am aware, except in form of calcium which theoretically can be in excess in human diets anyway not just from calcium pantothenate, although I used panthenol form for internal purposes. Borax with water applied on head and leave it on overnight is one that seems to be anti fungal. Copper peptides or copper chlorophyllin is a good way to do that internally or applied to the head, copper is antifungal and necessary nutrients also. The one that seems to be popular in Thailand in hair formulation is U.S. called it "fo ti" in Thailand they called it "Sho Ou" in English they called it "Sho Wu" also helps for most purposes, and manganese sulfate taken once a day 25 mg for a couple of weeks has helped. There seems to be a lot involved in restoring it since much has to do with hormones, circulation getting to area, and fungus exposure is more extreme around the head, as the prime reason.

Your acne treatment is a clue to hair loss also, often it is oiliness that caused the "plugging up" of pores so that not only the acne but hair follicles are affected. This is unique and I haven't covered in my previous writings, it is caused by lipid peroxidation or oxidation of oils from eating too much oils and not enough antioxidants. Primarily the best antioxidants are from clove oil 5-10 drops per liter of water and shaken used as drinking water. And minimized on fried foods, heated vegetable oils, and every other day vitamin A and vitamin E 200 i.u. should be more than sufficient. It can be that natural E is applied some on the head every other day is fine, but very thinly to help minimize oxidation of oils from becoming plugs. Most hair remedies have poor success rate in commercial products so we have to try several alternatives. Selenium yeast and B3 is required as is B5 because there are 3 things that our body really requires large amounts, and you can prove it to yourself by looking at U.S. nutritional database of meat or beef and you will find these two supplements to be underrated, but these very 2 things selenium and B3 kills molds and fungus, while B5 helps with stress, as one of the major causes of hair loss.


Replied by Zack
Melbourne, Vic Aus

Hi Ted I am thinking about using this combination of supplements you advise another man to use:"In your case my guess is it's still a fungus and you probably needed borax 1/4 teaspoon per liter of water, selenium yeast 200 mcg. X 2 a day, chromium 1000 mcg, copper gluconate 5 mg a day, and some zinc acetate, silicone in form of sodium silicate 10 drops a day, and manganese sulfate 25 to 50 mg a day. Now if it works it doesn't really take that long say one week, if it doesn't work there's two problem either were barking on the wrong tree (didn't do amino acid) or not enough of the supplements of either of those were taken. But good bets are sodium silicate, N acetyl Cysteine, and citrulline - especially if your sex drive is dwindled) and taurine especially if MSG was taken a lot lately, but likely the fungus has not gone away. Selenium, manganese, boron, chromium and copper will get rid if that. Zinc is needed if the head is oily, if too dry then it's too much zinc."I am currently being desensitized for molds, I'm wondering if I use these supplements and they work.. Do I stop using them once the hair loss has stopped? Or keep using them for a certain amount of time?

Replied by Anonymous

Thank you so much for your reply, so what steps would you say I take, sorry I need it in layman's terms... In your opinion can diffuse alopecia areata be caused by mold exposure, where would I be close to chlorinated water? I have no idea how I would be..."

10/24/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Chlorinated water comes from taking showers. It kills some roots of the hair too.


10/24/2011: Anonymous replies: "that is an eye opener, thanks so much... ill email you back with my skin prick tests... im moving house in the next week or 2, will i be fine to take a shower in the next house even if the water is chlorinated?"

10/28/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "It will be fine, over the short term. Sorry about late emails!

Replied by Anonymous

thanks ted, if you can give me a reply on one more email ill thank you and leave you be...

i have just purchased borax, chromium, clove oil, vitamin E & A, Selenium forte, pau darco root, sodium ascorbate, and manganese chelate. i had my skin prick test done and i came back positive allergic to molds, and im undergoing desensitization with drops under the tongue.

firstly, if i drink borax, wash my hair in borax, and use all of the supplements above, will it interfere with the desensitization process? and secondly, i have eye floaters in my eyes, and occasionally my vision will dim, like i half blink my eyes but i know i haven't blinked... could this be caused by the mold!?

thanks sooooo much for your work, ill leave you be if you can give me your genius insight on this!"

11/30/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Borax kills fungus, so do selenium and chromium, it will not negatively affect it in any additional therapy, but may have synergistic effects. There's an additional remedy such as vanadium sufate 10 mg, may also helped.