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Posted by Geoff (Thailand) on 11/17/2006

I tried a formula of oral and topical solutions recommended by Ted (Bangkok). This included (orally) magnesium, zinc, manganese, etc. and a topical solution. This stopped my hair loss within less than 2 weeks. The frontal area began to fill up shortly after. The temple regions remain hairless (after 2 months) as these have been bald for some time now. However, hair is filling up in the central front region between the temples. I recommend contacting Ted for details if you can access the minerals he suggests. That may be the most difficult part. I'm very happy with the results I have from these solutions he has provided me with, and his topical solution is an excellent choice for those wishing to not to spend loads of money on cheap, weak, ineffective pharmaceutical products. Furthermore, I am disappointed with the lack of information concerning the causes of hair loss for men; DHT theory and alpha-reductase info is not sufficient. Ted approaches issues like fungus in the scalp, DHT etc. The Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view that kidney and blood deficiencies seem also to explain an appropriate reason for some cases of MPB. Where has the creative thought gone?? Thanks to Ted for his formula. Cheers

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
391 posts

Most people I know around here do not post a lot of information, so I ended up posting everything myself! Basically, the same information I posted at earthclinic was what helped him. DHT for example can be suppressed by adding azelaic acid and tretenoic acid to the scalp along with a 2.5% minoxidil compound. Regular supplements of manganese will stop the hair from falling out. Taking zinc will increase the body immune and prevent auto immunity against the hair follicles. So as you see immune suppression for other disease is not the way to go, it is increasing one's level of zinc to stop the auto immunity problems.

Replied by Al
Deerfield Beach, FL

Dear Ted, How much of ZINC, MANGANESE, & MAGNESIUM is one suppose to take for hair loss and how long?