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Where to Get Mangenese Suplements?

Posted by Y on 08/29/2007

Dear Ted, I am sending you my list of problems. I am a Indian female living in NY from last 3 yrs. I started having lots of hair fall when i moved to NY from India. I am also having lots of dandruff. As per your suggestion I applied tea tree oil but i think i have overused it. It stopped my itching..but created very big flakes..seems like dandruff got combined into a big large flake.and lots of hair were coming out of it. I stopped using tea tree oil.. I want to stop my hair fall...otherwise I will become bald. My hair have become so thin and very weak. If i apply oil also lots of hair fall...I don't know what to do? Please help me. i want to save my hair. I want to try codliver oil + mangenese + vitamin C+ vitamin A. Can you please tell me where to get mangenese suplements? I am requesting again to please help me... Regards

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Most manganese supplements are available in most health food stores. They can have chelated manganese or other kinds, but most importantly is to grind them to powder and dissolve them in a glass of water to help increase the bioavailability.

The use of borax as a shampoo can also stop the fungus which causes the hair loss, but some borax residues should ideally be left on overnight. To further the killing of fungus eating up the roots of the hair and I would do it likely every day for only 4 days or 5 days out of a week.

In case those don't respond, then it may be of a bacterial origins and a simple Magnesium hydroxide solution would help, often sold as milk of magnesia but preferably without the aluminium. To use those, it should be well shaken and applied directly to the skin, with some partial rinsing, but ideally most of them should be left overnight. If done only two or three nights, the bacteria causing hair loss should be killed, but actually one application we should probably know nevertheless.

In case the antioxidants are low certain zinc and molybdenum might be considered as well should the above remedy were non responsive.