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Stannous Chloride for Hair Regrowth

Posted by Joyce (Dallas, Tx, Usa) on 01/25/2010

Dear Ted from Bangkok, I read your post about how Stannous Chloride (Tin) can be used for Hair ReGrowth and other ailments, so I purchased some online. It is in crystallized anyhydrous powder form 98%, and the density of it is 3.95 gm/cubic centimeter. So I have calculated this to be like maybe 1 or 2 drops a day, to equal your required dosage of 5 - 10mg. Are my calculations correct? Would you please advise me on how much of the crystal powder to take and how much water to dilute it with? I am willing to give this a try, but don't want to harm myself. Please advise. Also, should I be taking Stannous Chloride, if I have braces?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Re: Stannous Chloride for hair regrowth.

I used tin usually to stop hair loss, after which hair will grow because they don't fall off anymore. The dose without the complicated math and mixture, is a powder the size is a small letter "O" or two "O"s on a font size of 12. And is dissolved in a cup of water taken only a couple of days. At that dose, it's quite harmless. So it's likely to be about 1-2 mg. There are other vitamins that help hair growth such as B8 and B5 especially. However, the B5 form I prefer is the panthenol, because in some research circle it's considered more bioavailable then the commerically sold supplements such as calcium pantothenate. Inositol B8 also help and also biotin.

Replied by Adam
Portland, Or, Usa

This question is for Joyce from TX. Could you please let me know where to buy the Tin? I did not have luck with amazon and could not find it elsewhere either. Thanks.

Replied by Joyce
Dallas, Tx, Usa

I purchased the Stannous Chloride from Ebay. In the search field, just type in "Stannous Chloride", make sure you spell it right. Only one dealer will show up. My hair loss has stopped and my hair feels fuller. Also, I am growing more hair on my eyebrows now. I followed Ted's instructions and only took it for 3 days at the dosage that he specified. I noticed my results the next week, with my eyebrows being the most noticable. It is very strong and I had to plug my nose when I took it because it had such a strong taste. But the hair loss has stopped. What can I say, Ted's Awesome!

Replied by Pr
Houston, Texas

Joyce, thanks for your feed back. It is nice to know this remedy works. Could you please explain Ted's instructions because I didn't quiet understand them. Thanks for your help.

Replied by Mary
Regina, Saskchewan, Canada

Hi :

I have a concern about using stannous chloride. It seems like it harms major organs unless taken with ascorbic acid. I read this in the study below. Ted why do you feel ok with it? very interested.

Replied by Joyce
Dallas, Tx

Pr from Houston, When Ted referred to the size of the powder solution as being the size of a "smaller letter O", I interpreted that as meaning LOWERCASE letters. So, I just looked on my computer at a size 12 font, two lowercase O's and that is the size of the powder I used. It is a very small amount, but the taste of it, even in a cup of water, is incredibly strong. Hope this helps you. My hair loss has still stopped, but I don't see the hair growth anymore, it stopped also. My eyebrows have more hair, but I still want more growth. I wonder if I need to take the TIN solution again for another boost. Hmmmm.... Or maybe I need to try Biotin or B Complex....

Replied by Omar
New York, New York, Usa

Dear Ted,

I'm still confused about stannous chloride. You say use it 3-4 times and thats it. What is the maintenance dose then? Do you mean 3-4 times, repeatedly, every month? Or every year? Or is it use 3-4 times and just never use it again unless you see your hair falling out again?

Replied by Datzinahat
Pickerington, Ohio

Ted... I was wondering if the Tin can be obtained through herbs like:

Herbal Sources of tin (in the highest to lowest order) include doggrass, juniper, bilberry, milk thistle, dulse, lady slipper, althea, valerian, Irish moss, nettle, barberry, yarrow, blessed thistle, red clover, yellow dock, kelp, licorice, devils claw, pennyroyal, and senna.
Please advise if I was to use Milk thistle or nettle how much would be appropriate if that could be used as this are easier to obtain.

Replied by Tina

I bought Stannous chloride Dihydrate. I have taken the small amount recommended for 3 days. I am still losing hair. Is this the wrong form of it? It doesn't cloud the water to milky white like Ted says the one he uses does. I don't know what else to do. I am female so hair loss is more devastating than it would be for a guy.