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Woman Needs Supplements for Hair Loss

Posted by D. (Anonymous) on 02/04/2012

Hi Ted, I'm female and i've been losing hair for the last 15 years. About 15 years ago, i used Accutane for my acne. I also started to notice falling hair around that time but i did not even think that they were related. Because falling hair continued, about 7 years ago, i started using Rogaine. With Rogaine, i noticed very fine hair growing. But the rate of my hair loss seemed greater than the rate of my hair growth and therefore my hair continued to thin. I also noticed flakes/dandruff during Rogaine use. All i needed to do was shake off my hair with my fingers and i would find flakes collect in my bathroom sink. I did not do anything with the flakes. I stopped using Rogaine in January 2011. I knew then that stopping Rogaine would cause the hair i grew using it to fall and that's exactly what happened. When i stopped Rogaine, I also started a supplement with Biotin 5000mcg, Vitamin A 100%, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 100% and others. I took that almost everyday until today. Two weeks ago, i noticed how thin the hair on the top of my head has become that my scalp is quite visible. This proved to me that the Rogaine hair have fallen and also made me question if the supplement i've been taking is effective, considering that my hair i notice is much thinner now than a year ago. Also 2 weeks ago, i took a shot of my head from the top. I noticed some thick hair and also noticed thin hairs (like miniaturized) and of course "empty spaces" on my head. I am now alarmed and i turned to the internet to find answers and that's how i stumbled on Earth Clinic!

I read thru the posts, in particular, the ACV/H2O2 combo. I also read the Borax for fungus treatment. When i surfed for 20 Mule Borax in the web, there was nothing in the manufacturer's website to indicate it can be ingested. And therefore i'm somewhat confused whether to take Borax orally OR take Borax and apply to scalp. And so instead of trying to decipher it myself, i thought it would be best for me to contact you and seek your help. I'm hoping that you can give me some recommendations in preventing further hair loss and start growing more hair based on what i described here. I appreciate your feedback.

BTW - what is the difference between "Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid)" and "sodium ascorbate as Vitamin C"?

Thanks -- D.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Sodium ascorbate is alkaline version of ascorbic acid. Both the same, but sodium ascorbate is best tolerated. Under FDA rules you cannot label anything regarding their use of natural materials unless they are of pharmaceutical drugs such as Rogaine. Natural materials including vitamins, minerals, and others cannot be labeled for such use. If you go by FDA rules, you will not take anything natural. So far I have found PABA, manganese sulfate, borax, tea tree oil, and lavender prevents hair loss. But the best ones are PABA, manganese and borax. PABA is taken internally, so is manganese sulfate kind. The borax can be applied to the scalp. The B3 niacinamide kills fungus and causes hair growth, its consistent enough in results that I can safely say it works in most cases. If applied to the scalp borax and niacinamide, with some water overnight, it will cause hair to grow in a week or so, but slowly, it will first itch as the new hair tries to grow in causing small bumps, before they get through the skin and grow. PABA is one of the b complex, and 500 mg x 2 should be a reasonable dose, if fungus is excessive, lavender oil and tea tree (50/50) is applied to the head. Rogaine causes hair loss if stopped, and it may cause some more hair loss after the use. I have found none of the pharmaceutical drugs help, except for with continued use, which may cause other side effects.