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28 Year Old Femail with Extreme Hair Loss After Being Exposed to Mold

Posted by R. on 07/25/2010

Hello Ted and thank you in advance for your prompt and helpful reply, as I am devastated. I am beggin for your help as I have no other hope. I'll do my best to make this short and detailed. I am really confused as to which remedy to use.

Female, 38 years old. Lots of shedding since my teens, but had plenty of hair coming in to replace it. Much worse after the birth of my child. Had terrible postpartum depression. Took anti-depressants and birth control pills for 4 years. Last Feb., I took myself off of all of that. At that time my hair looked great. That June, I was exposed to mold in my home under some flooring we were replacing to help with my son's asthma and allergies. My throat closed up and I was severely sick for weeks. Two days later, my hair began shedding more, much more and I had acne for the first time in 20 years. I kept raising these concerns, along with an inability to lose weight to my OB and my primary doctor. They just kept telling me that I needed some hair and nail vitamins and more protein and that it was the effects of coming off of the birth control, as well as heredity (my folks both have very thin hair, although I read that you don't really consider this to be a factor). Anyway, I was patient and did what they said. In the mean time, I had a back injury which involved treatment of multiple steroid injections and xrays. In January, a heart scare which resulted in having a nuclear stress test-more chemicals). In Feb. I had to have ultrasounds to check for gallbladder problems. In March, a stomach problem which resulted in an endoscopy which required general anesthesia, and a stomach emptying x-ray which involved radioactive material---not to mention taking motrin and Flexeril for literally months straight. By Apr/May, my hair was coming out by the handfuls steadily(still is). So, I finally demanded some help and was sent to a dermatologist who basically prescribed a topical steroid and Rogaine, which has not helped at all to grow hair nor to keep the hair in my scalp. I have no visible scalp problems. I go back for a check up in three weeks. I will be bald by then-unless you can help. I literally lose 300-400 hairs when combing. I dare not wash more than once a week because it traumatizes me and I literally lose balls of hair. Scalp is very visible in the front. I have thinning all over, but no patches, no itching, no dandruff, not oily. I use an organic shampoo with baking soda. I tried the ACV orally and as a rinse, but found it irritated my scalp and made my bladder feel like I was getting a UTI, so I stopped. I've sought help from my herbalist who also tells me not to worry about it. I'm sick of hearing that! He just told me to take silica complex and continue my regiment of B complex and Primrose oil. NO HELP as I've been taking that for months. I'm really confused as to what to do based on reviewing the site with the hairloss remedies. I'm contemplating the coconut oil orally and on my hair. I read about Sepia, but don't know if it would be helpful or safe. I am thinking I should drink baking soda and water and find some manganese??? I saw something about liver and fats. I do have a ‘fatty liver' I was told during my ultrasound, if that helps you help me. My blood test results were perfect-thyroid, iron, etc. My sugar is up a little bit. I'm wondering if I need some sort of detox…wondering if I've been exposed to too many chemicals and that is the problem with the hair or is it I need supplements.

Oh, please help me. I have been put on antidepressants because I am so devastated and anxious about going bald. I am embarrassed to leave my house and I have a five year old son to be active with. Oh please help me Ted. You're my last hope. No one cares. Thank you so very much for your precious time and wisdom. Please help me stop my hairloss and get back to normal so I can feel good about being a mommy again.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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... As for your hair problem, it's always a fungus issue. A couple of supplements help that will counteract that, such as copper, alkalization, magnesium, vitamin C, and molybdenum. The copper supplements can come from chlorophyll supplements as these are sodium copper chlorophyllin. For alkalization, 1/2 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate after meal two or three times a day, roughly 30 minutes after meal. Vitamin C is taken at 1000 mg three times a day WITHOUT CALCIUM. Sugar tends to support fungus growth. Sodium molybdate is taken at 25 mg for only a week or two, The magnesium, also without calcium, is taken at 250 mg twice a day, preferably trimagnesium citrate and magnesium chloride. As for getting rid of the fungus on the head, the simplest, but not necessarily effective, is to wash the hair with a borax solution, with a 1% hydrogen peroxide water. This means adding about 1/4 teaspoon of borax per 500 cc of hydrogen peroxide and apply them overnight to kill them. It may take a couple of days of application and perhaps regular washing of hair with this. The room should ideally be sprayed with a 20% ammonium chloride solution to reduce the fungus in house, which comes from rugs, carpet, and moist areas. The issue appears to be killing the fungus through alkalization, vitamin C, and copper found in chlorophyll supplements as the major remedy. I find manganese sultate 25 mg taken for a week or two to be also helpful. If at all possible a 1/2 teaspoon of ammonium chloride is mixed into a 250 cc of any ordinary shampoo, would further kill the fungus through shampooing of hair. Head and Shoulders contain selenium which may help kill some of the fungus also.