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Hair Falls Out in Handfuls

Posted by W (Pakistan) on 10/15/2007

i am from pakistan.. i really need your help as i can't find anybody like you in our country. here, people don't pay attention to ailments, they live with them and don't even bother to treat the disease.. i am writing this letter to you with a lot of hope.. i have been losing my hairs since i was 14.. now 1 am 27. whenever i shampoo my hair it's like i am gonna shed all of my hair today. they fall handfulls. they keep growing and keep on falling but they have become very thin now. i used to have very thick hair. besides, i got a lot of dandruff on my scalp, which never disappears, my roots are very painful, my scalp odors and it gets oily after 12 hours of wash, if i don't wash my hair frequently i start falling my hair and roots become more weak and painful..other than that i have got eczema around my mouth which has become very frustrating for me.. i work 12 hours a day and work in the aircondition room, i think the airconditioning has aggravated the eczema beacause i am applying steriods cream daily but it is not working.. i am really upset beacause all of this happening to me.. i have been to almost every dermatologist but nothing really worked.. i want you to please advise me and suggest me how to tackle with these problems of hairloss and eczema.. i would be very thankful to you...

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The eczema can be best dealt with if borax is used asa soap instead of ordinary soap. Sometimes eczema isdue to a fungus problem, especially if offices are airconditioned. I take sometime 1/4 teaspoon of boraxmixed in one liter of drinking water, at least to helpreduce some skin problems too. In other cases peoplewho don't eat eggs or egg yolk at all can also resultin eczema from lack of sulfur. Sometimes adding garlichelps especially if that person never eat the garlic.Garlic is an antibiotic and may relieve the eczema. Asimple eczema remedy is simply to use distilledvinegar applied to the area, or use just 1% hydrogenperoxide applied to the area. Sugar and acid formingfood should be avoided. Vitamin C and alkalization mayhelp reduce the condition too.