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Treatment for Hair Loss and Scalp Infection

Posted by JF (Atlanta, GA) on 01/04/2008

Hi Ted, I am a 42 year old african-american woman and have been battling acne since the age of 15. I have read and tried many of the acne cures posted on this site. I drink the ACV, baking soda, and water three times daily. I have been doing this for about a month now, and have noticed how smooth my skin is all over my body. At my local health food store, I bought Herpanacine supplements that contain antioxidants. I am noticing some results, however, I have dark spots from old blemishes that will not budge. I do have a bleaching cream, but I think after a while my skin becomes immune to skin products that I've used before. Are there any natural remedies that you can suggest that would fade away dark spots? Do I need to detox or what?

My daughter (10 years old) has always been dealing with hair loss from the back of her head, just below the crown, and now around to the right side of her head. She does have eczema, but over the years it seems to be subsiding. She has had scalp infections over the years, and even that seems to be subsiding. With her scalp infections, I just kept her hair braided and did nothing but use a mild shampoo, because whatever her pediatrician told me to use, just caused her scalp to be irritated. I think she's growing out of it. She's never completely bald, but her hair breaks and thins out. Lately, I've been doing the 1:10 ACV, Hydrogen Peroxide, and water as a shampoo, and following up with tea tree, and lavender oils at night. Her hair is very shiny , and since it has only been a week so far, I haven't really seen any hair growth. I made the lemon, baking soda, and water drink, and she absolutely hated it. Is there an alternative that you can suggest? I also noticed your suggestion to another person on this site about maybe eliminating milk. My daughter loves chocolate milk, should I do away with it? Thanks so much for your time, and I truly appreciate you sharing your knowledge with the world.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Yes, the secret to smooth skin, which is hardly a secret for me is the baking soda and ACV, or baking soda and lemon remedy. I am about 49 years old and still don't have wrinkles. It works better than any cosmetic product I know since it deals directly with the cause, which is restricted capillary flows in the skin due to metabolic acidosis.

Rough skin is a sign of long term metabolic acidosis or when the body is excessively acid. Most Westerners have very rough skins, since their diet is quite acid, actually I finally found from white bread, cured meats, corn syrup (fructose) and fried foods. They can also initiate hair loss since a rough skin will eventually cause hair thinning problems. Most Asians, American Indians and African-Americans have lactose intolerance from milk, which means the body can't digest them properly and causes a reaction which can lead to other skin problems. Some White Americans actually have lactose intolerance from milk, but they don't know this, which leads them to a digestive problem.

Dark spots are generally difficult to deal with, but what I used, is a milder bleaching effects H2O2 1% applied to the skin 10 times or more a day, using a white towel. Mind you the skin application that is safe is between H2O2 1-1.5% concentration, NEVER exceeding the 1.5% as it causes stinging skins. When the concentration is generally low, I can apply as often as I wish. It takes about a couple of weeks to notice improvement. It should be noted that some people with aging spots, or liver spots, or skin spots, whichever name I called it, is due to liver's inability to detoxify and the bile or other toxins are thrown off to the skin. Hence, I will try a couple of remedies to deal with that (Milk thistle I don't know since it's too expensive in Thailand), one is granulated lecithin, the other is selenium yeast. The dose for granulated lecithin, often taken with food is 1 tablespoon a day. Soy milk seems to work best for people like me with lactose intolerance, instead of cow's milk. Even a raw cow's milk can be a problem if there is lactose intolerance. So the solution may lie in the lactose issue. The selenium supplements I used is 200 mcg, but there are many dose. Quite often, I will take it for about a month. However, it is somewhat not likely new age spots will form with the baking soda and ACV as it supports some detoxification, however, lecithin and selenium I think is important.

I do see cases of some people dark spot, so liver supports using lecithin and selenium is needed still. If there is any other thing, I think will have to be the sodium thiosulfate, or dechlorinator added to drinking water. I used a 10%, but the solution can be anywhere from 5%-15%, and I just add between 5 drops to 10 drops of sodium thiosulfate to 1 liter of drinking water.

Replied by Judy
Yakima, Wa

I also have very dry and itchy scalp. I went on a vegy fruit and meat diet as I was allergic to every thing. I found a shampoo and conditioner called free and clear has no bad stuff in it that I sometime use. I also at night do a bath with epson salt and soda I dunk my head in it a few times then dry my hair in the am I wash it out and use free and clear conditioner and put a cap on it and a towel for about 1/2 hr then rinse good and dry and comb out let it air dry. I also make my own shampoo I use sometimes 1/2 c water, 1/4 c liquid castile soap, 2 tsp avocado oil, 1 tsp vegetable glycerin 10 drops each peppermint oil, tea tree oil, jojob oil, rosemary oil, lavender . My hair is starting to grow and my head doesn't itch so I hope this helps someone :)