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Does L-lysine Works?

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Dear Ted, Thank you so much for all of this detailed information. I'm a bit overwhelmed -- in a good way. I ordered Manganese, as i could not find it in any of the stores here. I also ordered azalic acid. I forgot to buy baking soda, though. Should I not drink the Apple cider vinegar if acidity could be the problem.? i started doing that based on the website and so many people having good luck with it. I have yet to use it topically, but plan to the next shampoo. I also bought Borax, but i'm not sure how to use it. i will get the other supplements you recommended tomorrow. I take plenty of vitamin c and I see that's a good thing to continue (at least I'm doing something right). You are definitely right about the tea tree oil. I got some this afternoon and when i felt the slightest itch I applied it and it immediately stopped. I'm not much of a bread eater, but I eat candy every now and then (not much) I'll stop that. Will defintely get nitric oxide tomorrow and baking soda to counter balance the acv. Thank you for helping me through this. I'll add what you recommend to my regime and keep you informed of the progress. Does L-Lysine work or is it just a waste? Thanks.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Borax common doses are mixed in 1/8 teaspoon in one drinking liter of water that you can drink throughout the day. If you drink more than one liter than your next bottle will be just plain water. Borax is antifungal, which is why it helps.

Take the baking soda with apple cider vinegar. It works best when taken together.

Try always use baking soda whenever possible, don't take it alone. Some people have trouble adjusting to the apple cider vinegar.

As to L-lysine, only a reasonable amount is helpful. If taken in excess this may not help much. Some studies imply taking too much causes hair loss, but this is not proven. Lysine formulation for alopecia is not yet popular. Most medications that seemed to work for that or increase in diameter has a lot to do with increasing capillary circulations. In the near future natural antifungal medications and nitric oxide promoters (l-citrulline, or supportive as in baking soda and potassium bicarbonates) are more likely to help hair growth based on my experience.