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Posted by Dan (Yorba Linda, CA) on 01/23/2007

Hair loss is one of the hardest things to cure, but Ted's remedy successfully cured my hair loss. Using lavender and tea tree oil once a week helps a lot. Taking vitamin C is one of the best thing to stop your hair loss and drinking soy milk which is high in manganese also helps to stop hair loss. i would also suggest to wash your with apple cider vinegar and take biotin at least 1000amu. well if all this can help me, it can help you too. Thanks a lot Ted

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Dan: Thanks for the feedback. Biotin helps quite a bit. My own mother who is 76 years old had a hair loss and a simple remedy of vitamin C and baking soda. Borax used as a shampoo instead works better than the medicated shampoos in general, however, I prefer to leave the borax overnight after shampooing with borax then rinse the next morning.

Replied by Kamy
New Delhi, India

Hi Ted, need your help.. I am 58 years old female. I have been losing my hair for the past 10 years or more. I used to have very thick hair now I have lost almost 60% of my hair.. I am on medication for hypothyroidism and BP.. Also I am a very stressed person.. I cannot make out the cause of my hair loss. But this is giving me more and more depression. Somewhere on this site I read about BSM and ACV, both very helpful in stopping the hairfall.. Can I take both the things simultaneously? I mean one in the morning and the other in the evening. Also biotin and minoxidil.. Can I take both? Or will there be any side effect? Do we get biotin in tablet form or syrup? I have never heard it.. Please Help. My hairs are very dry and coloring them has made it more rough.. I am ready to do anything. I have bought a bottle of BSM but before starting to take it I wanted to be sure that it may not have any reverse effect on my health.. Please guide...

Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia

Kamy, I am reading a good book on Magnesium at the moment. It talks about stress and depression being symptoms of a Magnesium Deficiency. magnesium from the body. The book I am reading is "The Magnesium Miracle" by Carolyn Dean.

Also I have read that a magnesium imbalance to calcium can cause hair loss.

There is a lot of info on earthclinic under "Magnesium". Another good website is and youtube is an excellent resource for videos.

Most problems we have are related to mineral deficiencies. You are better off taking whole foods (superfoods) which give you the minerals in their correct ratio. Magnesium chloride is good to take to bring up magensium levels quickly (put the flakes in the bath or make up a magnesium oil and spray it on your legs or body every day - leave on or wash off after say 20 mins).

Here are the first few pages from the book I am reading: miracle&ie=UTF8&qid=1319420767

Replied by Debby
Monroe, Ct, Fairfield

Hi Kamy, I read your post and wanted to reply. I always had underactive thyroid. And now I had my thyroid removed. As you know your thyroid is a very important organ and if you are not on medication or on the right dosage you will experience hair loss and of course many other systems. See your doctor and have him check your thyroid, have him do a blood test to check your thyroid levels and also do an ultra sound of your thyroid. Hope this helps. Debby